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© GETTY IMAGES As spa-goers become increasingly sophisticated in their quest for smoother, fi rmer, brighter skin, even the youngest among them are seeking out products and services with proven antiaging powers—and peptides live up to both the hype and the promise. Similar in structure to proteins, only smaller, peptides are linked chains of amino acids. Depending upon how they're confi gured, they can communicate with cells in a variety of ways, which may include instructing them to repair, renew or protect themselves. When it comes to skin, such effects are especially important as we age and the process of cellular regeneration slows, resulting in sagging, wrinkles, dullness and discoloration. POWER to the PEPTIDES Exploring the continuing rise and future promise of one of the biggest names in the antiaging game. by ANNE M. RUSSELL 52 @dayspamagazine • Februar y 2019

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