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Februar y 2019 • 55 In fact, peptides are so safe and effective that pros recommend they be used liberally—in both aesthetic services and after-care. "A one-time peptide-based spa treatment can make a huge difference, but the benefi ts continue with an at-home routine," says Natalie Pergar, product knowledge specialist and lead trainer at Éminence. "Consistent use ensures that the benefi ts accumulate." Kitchen, too, emphasizes the importance of educating clients about ongoing use. "The more signifi cant antiaging benefi ts— that is, improvements in fi ne lines and wrinkles—can take six to eight weeks, so continual use is key," he notes. "Just like keeping our body fi t requires regular exercise, our skin needs to be treated regularly for real results." COMPLEMENTARY COMBOS As research ramps up, scientists are discovering even more effective combinations of peptides that complement each other. Because each type affects skin in a different way, it's often best to blend several into one product or service. "The right combination creates an amplifi ed response," says Kitchen. "Some of the original peptides even have combined versions now that send a more robust signal to the skin." The aforementioned Matrixyl, for example, has been surpassed by Matrixyl 3000, which blends palmitoyl tripeptide-1 with palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7. The former is especially good for collagen renewal while the latter possesses anti-infl ammatory benefi ts, so together they have a more powerful regenerative impact. And then there are other important actives, from antioxidants to various acids, that enhance peptides' functions. After all, notes Pergar, aging is a process caused by multiple factors, so it makes sense to combine ingredients with similar and different actions. "For example, some peptides alert the skin to work at replacing lost collagen, vitamin C aids collagen production by helping tissue growth and repair, and vitamin E absorbs harmful UV light—so, when used together, these three help reduce the appearance of fi nes lines and wrinkles, and reduce further signs of aging," explains Pergar. Adds Kitchen: "Peptides are a perfect partner to any other ingredient commonly used in skin care— because they can create some of the same benefi ts, they help augment results." Going forward, peptide-based products and services only stand to become even more targeted as the ingredients are further refi ned and developed to address each client's specifi c skin conditions and concerns. It's all about customization and adapting the protocols for maximum benefi ts, concludes Kitchen. u © GETTY IMAGES

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