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22 @dayspamagazine • March 2019 VANISHING ACTS antibacterial, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, and you can apply it in the direction of hair growth to minimize discomfort." Keep in mind that many men may not realize that waxing or sugaring will cause their hair to grow back slower and softer—a major selling point. To ensure these clients are well informed, Covert explains to them that methods like shaving cut the hair bluntly off at the surface, resulting in quick regrowth and often irritation. "On the other hand, sugaring and waxing remove hair from the root, drastically delaying regrowth and weakening hair follicles over time, which causes the hair to grow back thinner, fi ner and more sparse," she tells them. "Although shaving may seem easier and more convenient, the benefi t of investing a little more effort into these professional services is better for the skin and follicles, causes no irritation, and requires less time spent altogether having to remove hair." As with any hair removal client, men are typically nervous their fi rst time. That's why techs at Glow Med Spa make an effort to talk to them nonstop during the service. "Our goal is to keep our clients engaged or, better yet, laughing so they're not focused on the waxing," says Noth. In fact, there are a number of techniques that estheticians can employ to help manage a guest's pain—and the less painful the service, the higher the likelihood that he will come back. "The way a technician pulls the strip of wax off can make the difference between a seemingly painless service and that scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin—it's all in the pull," notes Noth. Meaning, if the tech stays within a half-inch of the body and the pull is swift, the client will barely feel it. She suggests hard wax for smaller or more sensitive areas, as it causes less irritation by adhering to just the hair, not the skin. Marketing Matters Unsurprisingly, most men fi nd out about hair removal services from a woman they know, be it a spouse, relative or friend. "The best marketing is word of mouth, but it's different with men because they aren't talking about this; most don't discuss grooming habits with their friends," says Molyneaux. "Women, on the other hand, will see our offerings and tell others— that's what gets men in the door." For example, if a female client mentions the hairiness of her partner, Molyneaux invites her to bring the guy in, sometimes with a special fi rst-timer deal. Meanwhile, Covert notes that offering a male-specifi c menu online—with detailed descriptions of each service—helps them feel comfortable asking questions and encourages them to book an appointment targeted to their needs. "Putting treatments like hair removal on a men's menu takes away the stigma of having to ask if it's offered at all," she says. "As they get more acquainted with the spa, they become better educated and more willing to invest in wellness and grooming services and products." What's most important is clearing up the mystery for male clients; there's still not enough conversation or social awareness about the positives of professional hair removal, says Molyneaux. "Men are usually most concerned about pain and embarrassment. It's not a common experience for them to be exposed in this way," she explains. "But they come in curious and leave with answers, feeling more comfortable and looking better—which only helps increase business." u © GETTY IMAGES Nufree 4 Men Only Professionals Choice Hair Removal Tend Skin Brightoner Serum PFB Vanish Chromabright Relax & Wax My Name is Mud

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