MAR 2019

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58 @dayspamagazine • March 2019 Your job is to care for your clients' wellness through fi rst-class services. But it's equally important to care for their health and safety by keeping your spa clean. After all, an outbreak or negative review can harm your business and livelihood. Follow these guidlines for keeping your spa in tip-top shape. THE CLEAN SWEEP Rejuvenate™ Wipes, Ready-To-Use Spray and Concentrate have excellent cleaning abilities and are gentle on footbath equipment. KEEP THE BASIN WET WITH THE DISINFECTANT PRODUCT FOR THE REQUIRED CONTACT TIME (5-10 MINUTES) TO KILL FUNGI. TOOLS & IMPLEMENTS Every metal implement—including tweezers, extractors, nail clippers, cuticle pushers, foot fi les, etc.—must be properly cleaned and disinfected after each and every client. Spa tools have a higher risk of causing infection, as they can come into contact with broken skin, and can even transmit serious blood borne infections, including HIV and the hepatitis B and C viruses. THE CLEAN SWEEP Prevention™ HLD8 achieves a high level of tool disinfection in only 8 minutes and can be reused for up to 21 days in a soaking tray. FULLY IMMERSE YOUR TOOLS IN THE DISINFECTANT AND KEEP A LOG OF EVERY TIME YOU USE THE SOLUTION. Safe Keeping FOOTBATHS & BASINS Both circulating and non-circulating footbaths—even basins that use a plastic liner—must be properly cleaned after every client as well as at the end of each day. Unclean footbaths can harbor bacteria, like staphylococcus, and easily spread fungus, such as athlete's foot and onychomycosis, to clients during pedicures. Sponsored by Rejuvenate™ SPA SURFACES Massage and facial tables, manicure stations, countertops and even warming equipment are all well-used surface areas that are easily contaminated. Dirty surfaces can transmit a number of germs between clients and workers, including bacteria that may cause skin infections, including the dreaded staph infection. THE CLEAN SWEEP Rejuvenate™ Wipes and Ready-To-Use Spray disinfect your surfaces in as little as 1 minute—a huge time-saver! ALWAYS CLEAN AND DISINFECT YOUR SURFACES AFTER EACH CLIENT. these e gu i i d l i SP P A A Ma Ma ss ss a st st at at io io eq eq ui ui p ar r ea ea s su rf rf ac ac be tw w e bacte includ THE Rejuv S TIP! TIP! TIP! T T P o a s FO OT OT BA TH S & BA SI NS T

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