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42 @dayspamagazine • April 2019 MARKETING SAVVY WHEN YOU THINK OF INFLUENCERS, you might assume they're all the Kardashians and Jenners of the internet who get paid six fi gures to post about a product, service or brand—or you might even cringe at the thought of how such marketing methods can go horribly wrong, as in the case of the infamous Fyre Festival. But beyond the social media super-celebs, there's an ever-growing world of "micro-infl uencers"— tastemakers who may not be household names and don't have millions of followers, but who can be extremely effective at promoting services without commanding a hefty fee. So—as selling oneself on social media becomes increasingly important for all brands—it's truly time to rethink old-school marketing, dive into this brave new world and discover just how big it can be for your business. WHERE TO FIND THEM In the beauty space, the average infl uencer (defi ned simply as a person who can affect the purchase decisions of others through online posts, blogs and/ or vlogs) has 105,300 followers, according to research from Infl uencer Marketing Hub. You could look for the most prominent ones in your area, but if they're already on a Top 10 list, they'll probably cost a pretty penny. As Forbes' inaugural Top Infl uencers list of 2017 reported, those with the most followers—7 million or more—can command $300,000 for a video partnership on YouTube, $187,000 on Facebook and $150,000 on Instagram. Instead, your goal should be to fi nd up-and-coming infl uencers. If you don't have the budget for a paid media database service, you can simply do some online investigating. "Search hashtags and locations," says Darlene Fiske, cofounder of spa and wellness fi rm S'Well Public Relations, with offi ces in Los Angeles, New York City and Austin, Texas. "Once you fi nd a few infl uencers, you can look at who they follow and who engages with them, and source some great new fi nds." To connect with the 12 to 15 infl uencers with whom she currently works, Bella Reina Spa owner Nancy Reagan looked in her own backyard in Delray © GETTY IMAGES Under the Infl uence How to fi nd and work with beauty and wellness infl uencers. by Carrie Borzillo

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