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© GETTY IMAGES Clean Beauty Benefits For Boldijarre Koronczay, president of Éminence, green beauty products feature organic, biodynamic ingredients. "Biodynamic ingredients are grown in harmony with the seasons and the alignment of the earth," he says. "I believe that fruits, herbs and vegetables farmed in this way are the purest form of botanical ingredients." McLinden also emphasizes how FarmHouse Fresh sources and cultivates its pesticide-free ingredients. "We make farm-to-face products, which means we grow many of our key ingredients and source others from local farmers," she says. The company takes conservation seriously, using hydroponics to save water and hiring local growers for whatever it's unable to produce. "We know who waters the plants, when they're harvested, and when and how it all becomes an extract," says McLinden. "This approach ensures minimal transportation needs as well, which is important considering that every truck, boat and fl ight affects the air we breathe. Why ship ingredients from Thailand if we can grow them here?" In the past, natural beauty products were often considered less effective than their more synthetic counterparts, but that impression is changing. Cleaner products are becoming more effective every day, and they tend to help clients avoid irritation that they may experience when using conventional skin care, says Catherine Chamberlain, owner of Earth Pure Organics and Eden Organics Salon & Spa, with locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. "We prefer zero synthetic fragrance in our products, because it can be a big cause of skin allergies and irritation," she continues. "Clean ingredients are typically very nourishing, and I've found that natural options often resolve my clients' long-time skin issues, such as acne, redness and dehydration." Thornton adds that such ingredients are typically much gentler on clients' skin, which is a big draw for those with sensitivity or who are tired of hours—and sometimes days—of irritation after spa treatments. "One of the biggest benefi ts of clean skin care is that spa patrons are less likely to have a bad reaction," she says. "Many of my clients come to me with internal and external allergies, and I fi nd that cleaner products lower the risk of breakouts or redness." Thornton has also noticed more millennials booking treatments with her specifi cally because she uses products with all-natural and organic ingredients. "A lot of my baby boomer clients are also loving natural skincare offerings, but millennials really want to help the planet, and clean beauty defi nitely makes a difference from an environmental perspective," she adds. Indeed, Chamberlain reports that although her guests may initially be drawn to green beauty for more altruistic or environmental reasons, they become even more interested when they see changes in their skin. "My guests' skin tends to respond more readily to natural products," she says. Ingredients To Look For Here are some of the most tried-and-true clean ingredients in formulations today. Lavender: Koronczay says he loves this botanical for its soothing qualities. "Lavender calms and softens skin's appearance by replenishing moisture, so it's a must for a nighttime routine," he says. Hyaluronic acid: This popular humectant helps skin retain water and gives the complexion a more youthful appearance by plumping up skin cells. "This results in a smoother texture and fewer visible lines and wrinkles, as well as a more toned and lifted appearance," says Chamberlain. Aloe: Best known for its anti-infl ammatory properties, aloe is also deeply hydrating—with plenty of amino acids and antioxidants. "This amazing ingredient calms and quenches dry skin," says Chamberlain. NATURAL SELECTION 50 @dayspamagazine • April 2019 "It's always exciting to see how combining different natural and organic ingredients can provide the next innovation when it comes to beautiful skin."

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