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IN THE NEWS 64 @dayspamagazine • April 2019 A recent report from the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) reveals that all-inclusive psychedelic mushroom (psilocybin) retreats— in which the "trip" gets combined with increasingly luxe wellness experiences—are trending in countries where the drug is legal. Among the current offerings are MycoMeditations, with weeklong stays at a private Jamaican bay that include food, guided hikes, massages and oceanside group mushroom sessions; the Alquimia Centre of Healing Arts in the Colombian jungle, featuring education on Amazonian medicine and expert-led psychedelic experiences; and Paul Austin's The Third Wave, with full-blown magic mushroom retreats in Costa Rica, the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica and the Netherlands. The report notes that it's a very different experience with a smaller potential market, but the trend bears some resemblance to the early days of using cannabis for wellness. "In an age where 'the trippier the better' rules in wellness travel (we seek everything from shamans to crystal healing), mushroom retreat offerings will only evolve and expand," concludes the GWS. On January 23 and 24, Bellus Academy in San Diego became the fi rst school in the U.S. to offer the CIDESCO USA Skincare Certifi cate. Repêchage founder and CIDESCO USA chairwoman Lydia Sar fati joined CIDESCO USA president Paul Dykstra, along with Bellus Academy's esthetic educators, students and nearby spa and skincare authorities for the launch. "CIDESCO is recognized around the globe as the 'gold standard' when it comes to esthetics excellence," says Dykstra, who is also CEO of Cosmetologists Chicago. "Bellus Academy's reputation as a destination school for skin care makes it the natural school partner as CIDESCO brings this credential to America." During an educational workshop, Sar fati demonstrated several proprietary treatments. She also shared her personal journey and signed copies of her memoir during an event at L'Auberge Spa. Bellus Academy owner Lynelle Lynch says that the school's esthetics program is an important component of its professional portfolio. "Bellus alumni regularly return to campus for advanced education as their careers evolve," she notes. "Our alumni were very excited to return to campus and learn from a legend in the skincare community as we celebrated being the fi rst CIDESCO USA school." GETTING SCHOOLED A Real Trip © GETTY IMAGES A survey of 2,000 American women ages 18 and up reveals that if they had extra time in their day, 49 percent would use it to sleep, 36 percent would read and 29 percent would exercise. One in three of these women also report being so busy that they'd be willing to give up social media and watching TV, and one in ten even say they'd give up their signifi cant other in exchange for extra time back! The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Garnier Fructis in conjunction with the launch of the brand's new time-saving in-shower hair styler, Sleek Shot. What Women Want LAUNCHTIME! Leading LED light therapy manufacturer BioPhotas has announced a major product line extension to the company's Celluma Series for 2019. The four new versions of the Celluma fl agship model are designed for professionals and consumers who want to focus on one specifi c goal. Celluma FACE and Celluma SKIN both address acne and aging concerns, with the latter ideal for use anywhere on the body; Celluma SPORT aids in pain management; and Celluma CLEAR is ideal for the treatment of pimples and lesions. In addition, the company is now offering a two-year manufacturer's warranty on all new product sales. Lydia Sarfati, Paul Dykstra and Lynelle Lynch

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