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MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP 46 @dayspamagazine • May 2019 BUILD TEAM SPIRIT Brown hosts a Facebook group for employees to easily keep in touch, but she points out that in-person activities are the cornerstone of staying connected. During the holiday season, the spa held a Thanksgiving potluck, followed by a group outing to paint pottery. "Do whatever you can to build community, collaboration and communication," says Brown. "As a team, we took on three charities to contribute to for the month of December, one of which will be a year-round project." To encourage coworker kudos, Brown shares clients' positive reviews with all team members and has a brag board where they can post compliments about each other. PLAY TO STAFF SKILLS If you're more focused on job titles than individuals, your employees' potential may fl ag. Of course, it's important to hire smart by clearly conveying your company goals, mission and culture. But you should also consider tailoring a position to the person, not the other way around. "When creating a dynamic team that leads to employee fulfi llment and happiness, place personalities in specifi c roles that optimize their strengths," suggests Whynot. "Our mother hen-type employee is in a supportive role so she feels a sense of community, while another who's skilled at budgets and fi nances assists with scheduling and hitting team milestones—even though their positions are technically the same." Here, it's crucial to listen: Encourage staff to share their interests or career plans, then see how they can complement your business while helping them reach their goals, says Brown. You might discover new services to add, or tap into training and educational opportunities. "Capitalizing on different strengths encourages growth and allows for mentorship," agrees Evans. "It starts with helping them get tuned into their goals—asking where they see themselves and what they really love doing." After all, when employees love what they do, and they do it well, everyone in the workplace wins. u © GETTY IMAGES "Place personalities in specifi c roles that optimize their strengths."

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