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May 2019 • 49 ON THE MENU Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water—and, given the health benefi ts that many varieties boast, it certainly qualifi es as a functional offering that spa-goers tend to appreciate. Of course, custom blends, unique fl avors and goal- oriented options (think: detox and weight-loss teas) only serve to increase the appeal. For instance, client demand for big fl avors at locations like David Douglas Spa in Wilton Manors, Florida, prompted The Tea Cellar to create its Peach Apricot and Green Sencha offerings, which have become spa industry favorites. "Clients love the fl avors and that they're doing something good for themselves by drinking these teas," says Maguire. In fact, David Douglas displays them as part of its treatment lineup, noting that the beverages pair well with skincare offerings and reinforce the concept of beauty from within. "For example, the Sencha Green is detoxifying, which complements most spa treatments," explains Maguire. Even tea can be enhanced. Take SkinT ē, a sparkling collagen beauty drink formulated by a doctor and a chef, which was launched earlier this year at the spa at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore in Santa Barbara, California. The drinks—formulated with organic teas, herbs and collagen peptides—are retailed in the spa's fi tness center. "Customers are still getting used to the idea of having collagen in a drink, rather than as part of a skincare regimen," notes senior spa director Jaana Roth. But once they see their improved complexions, it's a safe bet they'll be hooked on the beverage's beauty benefi ts. That's certainly been the case at Polished Salon, Spa & Wellness in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, which offers the M'lis Radiance Collagen Beauty Drink (containing nutrients and hydrolyzed collagen II). Polished owner Stacie Sheely reports: "Clients like the taste—and love the results. A lot of them notice a reduction in fi ne lines and some say that, after a time, their joints move better. I drink it every day myself, and regularly receive comments from guests about how healthy my skin looks." Another trend takes spa water a step further with crystals and gemstones. "We introduced the VitaJuwel water bottle in our relaxation lounge, with different self- serve options that feature amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz," says Roth. Sealed in a pod separate from the water itself, the gems' vibrations are believed to have calming, balancing benefi ts, and the bottles are a big hit with crystal healing enthusiasts. Guests at The Biltmore also appreciate water mixed with Pure Inventions Coconut Water Infusion Drops, which therapists present to them following spa services. "The beverage contains naturally occurring electrolytes from coconut, and is a delicious calorie- and sugar-free hydration option," notes Roth. "Of all the beverages we offer, this one is the most popular in our retail area—probably because coconut water has been on the market for a while now, and most guests are familiar with its benefi ts. It helps them continue practicing their newly acquired wellness habits at home." FROM TOP: COURTESY SKINTE; COURTESY VITAJUWEL

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