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PROFIT CENTER 50 @dayspamagazine • May 2019 clients. "They come in for an ablative treatment that stimulates collagen growth, and they want the best skin-supporting nutrients to maximize their results," she notes. "We've sold as many as 40 per month, adding a couple thousand dollars in sales to our bottom line." With returns like that, offering enhanced beverages clearly makes good business sense—and could easily make your spa the toast of the town. u SALES POTENTIAL How much do spas stand to earn from these beverage offerings? As Maguire notes, the return on investment (ROI) is twofold: "Spas can attain a high ROI when they sell tea and tea accessories, but it also works as a complimentary service feature that leads to non-accounting ROI, such as customer retention and attracting new clients." Complimentary tea can cost a spa anywhere from $0.15 to $0.50 per client, depending upon the kind of tea and how it's served—but, again, that can lead to customer satisfaction and retail sales with impressive returns, according to Maria Uspenski, founder and CEO of The Tea Spot, which produces whole-leaf teas available for private label. "When a spa successfully sells tea as part of a lifestyle that promotes health and beauty, it gains an additional channel of revenue with good profi t margins," she says. Selling these beverages can even enhance certain treatments. "Functional beverages can support nearly any service offered in the spa, and they present an opportunity to increase your average ticket per client," says M'lis CEO Wallace Vigo Nelson, CNHP. "Beauty beverages' high ROI makes them great for an add- on sale." Indeed, Sheely says M'lis Radiance is especially popular among her microneedling and nano-fractional rejuvenation COURTESY THE TEA SPOT

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