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May 2019 • 59 © GETTY IMAGES Although adjusting certain lifestyle and dietary habits is key, topical treatments play a crucial role in diminishing and preventing breakouts. "Routine facials facilitate cell turnover, normalize oil production and remove impurities from the skin," notes Jennifer Ibarra, founder of Blush Boutique & Spa in El Paso, Texas. The good news? Both Ibarra and Giordano agree that taking the time to create an effective yet luxurious spa protocol will not only clear up blemishes, but also encourage clients to consistently rebook in order to continue keeping acne at bay. Ready to help clients banish breakouts for good? Here, fi ve spa professionals discuss their most popular anti-acne treatments and tips for giving clients the fl awless skin of their dreams. Clearly Treatment (90 min./$185) Anne Martin Skin Care Seattle Featured brand: Mark Lees ✸ Cleanse the face with Aquaclar for oily skin; Lait Clarifi ante (a lightweight emulsion) or Gentle Gel Facial Wash. ✸ Exfoliate with Buff Bright, containing AHAs and jojoba beads; Alphaplex, an AHA/BHA blend; or a salicylic peel. ✸ Apply Desin-Gel Advance Pre-Mask to soften any remaining debris, and perform extractions. ✸ Apply Serum Anti-Grasses Post-Extraction Serum, followed by Super-Cleanse for oily areas and breakouts; Clarity for congestion and clogged pores; or Super-Cleanse mixed with Soothing Gelle for redness and irritation. ✸ Apply antioxidant-rich Strataserum Advance, followed by non-comedogenic moisturizers Hydrafl uide or Dermaclarifi ante; spot-treat any blemishes with Dermashake. Blemish busters: This powerful facial enlists top acne-fi ghting ingredients to treat breakouts and calm the skin. "Alphaplex blends glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric and mandelic acids to unclog pores and refi ne skin texture," raves spa owner Anne Martin. The key to lasting effects? Constant at-home care, and professional treatments every six weeks.

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