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22 @dayspamagazine • June 2019 Mask Worx photo-biomodulation therapy with LED light or low-level laser therapy is the No. 1 red light therapy product for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement on the market. An advanced, high quality LED Light Therapy for consumer use at home with proven, noticeable and sustainable results, the product has had considerable success in Japan and South Korea and is now available globally for spa distribution. MASK WORX The company has branded the product Mask Worx simply because, "It's the one that works!" says Value One president Terry Shin. It has also been known as the CF Magic Mask, but Shin adds that, "It's not magic; its science." Red light has been proven to effectively stimulate collagen production and treat facial fi ne lines and wrinkles, acne, rosacea, skin splotches, brown spots and pock marks—even thinning hair! Mask Worx light therapy is easy to use, with most clients seeing results after just 15 minutes per day. (Some prefer to start with two sessions for the fi rst 30 days.) LED RED LIGHT In the 1990s, NASA used red lights to help grow plants in space, as the LED light can speed up plant cell production and photosynthesis. Later, studies found that red LED light could help human skin cells LED Light Treatment for Acne, Rosacea, Face Wrinkles and Thinning Hair Introducing CF Mask Worx, the latest LED Red Light Therapy available to day spas and clinicians worldwide. PRESENTED BY MASK WORX

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