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June 2019 • 23 grow faster too, which eventually led to the use of light therapy to treat skin damage, acne, irritated skin, psoriasis, age spots, wrinkles and melanoma. HOW IT WORKS Mask Worx uses advanced LED red light skin therapy that works in the three light attenuation zones effective in skin and hair treatment, so there is no need for various colors in the light therapy solution. It integrates the most effective photo- biomodulation LED light ranges for a three-in- one package: 850 nm, 660 nm and 630 nm. Rays penetrate the subcutaneous layer to encourage blood circulation and collagen production, and the dual-purpose mask fi ts over the entire face as well as the upper hairline, providing skin and thinning hair coverage. Estheticians can charge $50 per in-spa treatment, or clients can use it in their own homes while relaxing. The result? Lasting skin rejuvenation, accelerated hair growth, and noticeable improvement that will make spa-goers feel great about how they look—even after just a few sessions! REASONABLE PRICING When it comes to equipment, you get what you pay for. At $1,200, Mask Worx is a top-quality product that will last for years at a fraction of the price of other antiaging solutions such as laser and Botox treatments. Invest in your very own LED Light Therapy Mask and get the one that really works: Mask Worx, the world's fi rst dual action skin and scalp care therapy. Now available globally from The brand is initiating distribution to the spa industry, so order your Mask Worx today and receive free shipping and a personal gift. DAYSPA subscribers use promo code "dayspa" for a 30 percent discount. MASKWORX 714.888.4786 Here are some features that differentiate Mask Worx from less expensive models you may have seen: 1. We use 360 LED lights, versus other products that use only 69 or 120. 2. Our LEDs come from the U.S., and are the highest quality and reliable ones available. 3. The mask covers the entire face and upper hairline to simultaneously treat skin and thinning hair. 4. It's the only mask on the market to make the above patented dual-purpose claim. 5. The overall quality is from top manufacturing practices in South Korea. 6. The product is safe in terms of the lights and ergonomics. 7. While wearing it you can breathe easy, without worrying about vision loss or electronic waves. 8. We use reliable U.S. parts and a Korean manufacturer, versus other models that are made in China with low-quality, short-life LEDs.

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