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24 @dayspamagazine • June 2019 © GETTY IMAGES THERE'S COLD, AND THEN THERE'S REALLY COLD. Subjecting the body to temperatures that plunge as low as -250 degrees Fahrenheit may not seem like something you want to suggest to clients—especially when they typically come to the spa for heated hydrotherapy and cozy relaxation—but the freezing temps of cryotherapy can provide a wealth of wellness benefi ts. Cryotherapy originated thousands of years ago; records show that ancient Egyptians used the practice to treat injuries and infl ammation. Cryosurgery (also, somewhat confusingly, referred to as cryotherapy) is used by doctors and dermatologists to treat a variety of conditions ranging from skin tags to psoriasis. It's a procedure that's been in existence for nearly a MAKING WAVES Cryotherapy A rundown on the wellness trend that harnesses bone-chilling cold to improve clients' skin, bodies and overall health. by Rachel Kossman century, originating when liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen came into use in the fi rst half of the 1900s. However, the cryotherapy that's been cropping up in wellness spaces—which can include whole body cryotherapy (WBC), as well as more localized treatments and facials—is a different breed. "For the body, cryotherapy can jumpstart the healing of damaged tissues, improve blood circulation, increase serotonin levels and decrease infl ammation," says Holly Cutler, owner of FACE Skincare Medical Wellness in Bingham Farms, Michigan. Advocates of these frigid treatments say they're benefi cial not only for boosting metabolism and immunity, but for calming the nervous system and easing pain.

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