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28 @dayspamagazine • June 2019 MAKING WAVES © GETTY IMAGES uncomfortable because these facials are using cryotherapy as a localized treatment, rather than a whole body experience." Local cryotherapy can also be applied to other areas—for instance, to help ease joint pain related to injuries and arthritis, notes Vladimir Turovskiy, AP, physician of Oriental medicine at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami. "We implement cryotherapy routinely in our integrative approach to pain therapy and weight loss, as well as in cosmetic treatments," he says, adding that the post-treatment remarks he hears have been nothing short of glowing. "It's very common for clients to comment about how relaxed and rejuvenated they feel," he continues, noting that this is especially true after the Cryo- Face, Neck, Décolleté Lift (12 min./$72). The service involves a blast of cryogenically cold air—applied in circular motions over the eyes, forehead, neck and chest—to stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles and minimize eye puffi ness. A spritz of collagen spray completes the procedure. Of course, whole body services are growing in popularity and are what most people associate with cryotherapy. When a client steps into a specialized chamber for two to fi ve minutes, they're instantly surrounded by freezing temperatures that slow their heart rate and lower their overall body temperature by upwards of 45 degrees. At US Cryotherapy in Studio City, California, the WBC treatment lasts three minutes ($50) and is designed to help clients reduce pain, infl ammation and stress, as well as improve energy levels. "They leave feeling rejuvenated— and warmer than when they arrived," says US Cryotherapy co-owner Susan Sagheb. "The refreshed and reinvigorated feeling is worth the temporary and brief feeling of cold," she continues. "You can do anything for three minutes!" u Contact us for details: 805-496-3311 High Quality, hand crafted Silk & Swarovski Crystal Bracelets, available in 4 different designs. Free Display

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