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54 @dayspamagazine June 2019 Be here now. A critical starting point for building customer loyalty is making each guest feel appreciated from the moment they set foot inside your spa—and that means letting them know you're happy that they're there, and invested in their experience. "Use their name, look them in the eyes and give them a warm smile," advises Kim Collier of Collier Concepts, a wellness consultancy fi rm in Whitefi sh, Montana. "Be truly present and engaged." After all, few things make people feel as welcome as genuine acknowledgment from business owners and their staff. Go deep. Most spa owners get to know client preferences for particular services and products, and even ask about special dates like birthdays so they can extend personalized offers or discounts. But don't stop there—try to discern the deeper psychological reasons for their visits, as well. "Most of my clients come in for something beyond the services," observes Brown. "Perhaps they need someone to listen to them, they want to feel special or important, or just have a comfortable place to escape." Once you pinpoint those uniquely emotional objectives, you can better cater to their needs—and they'll know where to turn when they're looking for someone who really understands them. Mark the occasion. A to Zen Massage keeps small bags of chocolates with generic cards on hand to surprise guests celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or other special events. "They may not have come in for the occasion, but we want them to know that they matter to us and we're happy to be celebrating with them," says Brown. Little gifts such as these can help clients remember your thoughtfulness and motivate them to return when another milestone rolls around. Sign them up. Loyalty punch cards are great, but a membership program is even better. So, consider creating a VIP club where regular clients are given exclusive perks, such as discounted services or complimentary access to certain amenities. Club membership can be free, but people may also be willing to pay for extras. At Olavine Spa & Salon in Wailea, Hawaii, guests pay $100 per month for the highest tier membership program, which comes with all sorts of incentives, notes senior managing director Cecilia Hercik. That includes 15 to 30 percent discounts on products and services, priority reservations, a free pedicure on their birthday, complimentary enhancements to their monthly treatments and a $150 gift card for every new member they refer. © GETTY IMAGES 1 2 4 3 ✘ birthday ✘ anniversary BACK TO BASICS

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