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June 2019 • 65 © GETTY IMAGES Matcha Lemongrass Pedicure (60 min./$75) Philip Douglas & Co. Naples, Florida Body Benefi ts: Exfoliates and hydrates the feet and lower legs Protocol Pointers: No summer service menu would be complete without a sweet treat for oft- exposed feet. That's achieved at Philip Douglas & Co. with its most popular pedicure. As guests sip on a tall glass of matcha lemongrass iced tea, the experience kicks off with a soothing foot soak, followed by a thorough massage with Repêchage Matcha Lemongrass Scrub from the toes to the knees. "It's absolutely delightful because the scrub is so zesty—it really wakes clients up with its citrus scent—and the seaweed and aloe are deeply nourishing," says co-owner Doug Olsen. Next, the technician carefully tends to the cuticles and nails—trimming, fi ling and buffi ng as needed—prior to applying a super hydrating paraffi n wax. The service concludes with nail polish, according to the client's preference. RAVE REVIEWS: While women are typically the ones most likely to seek out this pampering pedicure, Olsen notes that it's also a huge hit with male clientele. "They really appreciate the results—they're no longer walking around with red, itchy, cracked feet," says Olsen. "But my take is that they also like that the aromas aren't too sweet or fl ower y, so they don't smell like they fell into a bin of gardenias." He adds that Floridians use lots of self-tanner, so it makes sense to offer plenty of exfoliation-focused treatments like this one. "The scrub keeps the tanner from going on streaky," explains Olsen. u

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