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SPOTLIGHT 24 @dayspamagazine • July 2019 Nutrafol Core for Women Welch: I always suggest specifi c products to help clients get better results, all geared toward the type of treatment they're receiving. I recommend M'lis Radiance for those who want fi rmer, younger-looking skin, and I suggest clients suffering from acne take probiotics. M'lis Essential Greens helps calm acne and rosacea, as well, and can even minimize wrinkles. Guests receiving body treatments are often interested in the M'lis 7-Day Total Body Cleanse, and I explain that the combination of the Detox, Cleanse and Fiber supplements tends to be the missing link for people who've been trying to lose weight without much success, because it helps support liver and kidney function; aids in the removal of mucus, bacteria and encrusted waste; and cleanses the lymphatic system. Everyone who comes to see me has a particular goal they want to achieve—especially a visible change in their body or the way their skin looks. Suggesting supplements or including them as part of a series to ensure guests get the results they're after just makes sense. Diaz: As the owner of a natural, eco-friendly spa, I like to provide as much information as possible about what each client's skin is revealing about their internal health. After their treatment is a perfect time to welcome questions and discuss what can be helpful in achieving their goals. I fi nd that women and anyone in the early stages of aging to be most interested in adding nutritional supplements to their daily routine. How has selling supplements helped your business? Menzerotolo: Clients see almost immediate results in the appearance of their skin—a naturally youthful and radiant complexion—but also experience increased energy, improved mood and greater confi dence. With a 30-day product like Skinade, guests come back to buy more, giving us an opportunity to talk to them about other treatments and helping with retention and sales. These supplements are a great addition to the other lines of products we sell and give us one more way to increase our profi ts. Diaz: Women love how a natural alternative like Alexis Smart Beauty Formula No. 7 Gamine, which uses homeopathic remedies with fl ower essence, helps not only control breakouts during their menstrual cycle—especially around the jawline—but also eases the heightened emotions that can occur during this time. Addictive Wellness is another favorite, especially for those whose complexions suffer the consequences of too much sugar intake: redness, dryness and breakouts. The brand offers Tremella, Blue Butterfl y and Chaga blends, all of which promote healthy skin. Meanwhile, medicinal mushrooms and cacao can help lower stress levels and increase energy. When clients see these kinds of results, they're more interested in trying other products I offer in my retail area, and attending the wellness events that I host at the spa. Welch: Guests notice that their skin looks better, their clothes fi t better and they just feel better overall. Offering supplements allows me to achieve my business goals when it comes to helping people look and feel their best. u Sanitas EFA Complete 3-6-9 Saian Hyaluronic Acid Complex Skinade Sprayology B12 + Folic Acid © GETTY IMAGES

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