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30 @dayspamagazine • July 2019 BUILDING BLOCKS FEET FIRST Clients plagued by painful foot conditions will be grateful for the chance to slip into a pair of YogaToes. A perfect addition to your retail area, as well as a complement to all sorts of spa services, the toe separators are designed to exercise and strengthen the entire foot—something that wearing shoes compromises, leading to issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and fl at feet. Available in a range of sizes for men and women, the original YogaToes have a closed top frame that elicits a more robust stretch, while the newer GEMS are open on top, making them easier to adjust for fi rst-time users. Wrapped Up Elevating your wellness offerings could be as simple as adding a little heat. Options like the Healthyline Cocoon series, a line of heated natural gemstone therapy mats, can provide benefi ts including relaxation, detox and pain relief. A comprehensive full-body experience, the Cocoon consists of two full-sized mats connected by a liner, which allows the user to climb in and be surrounded by far infrared rays, negative ions, photon lights and pulsed electromagnetic fi eld therapies. Each mat comes with its own controller for temperature adjustment and a completely customized experience. For anyone wanting to reach their full professional potential, The Gifted Journey: Five Transformative Steps to Uncovering Your Unique Path (Waterford & Howell, 2019) by Gallup-certifi ed strengths coach Stephanie Moore provides the necessary tools to make it a reality. Based on decades of experience in career development, Moore's actionable fi ve-step process contains exercises that help readers refl ect inwardly and gather outside perspectives to "Discover, Discern, Dream, Design and Do" what they're meant to be doing, based upon their unique gifts. Along the way, Moore shares professional and personal anecdotes to help drive home her message that by embracing our authentic skill sets, we can move toward more promising futures with renewed passion and enthusiasm. BOOK NOOK START MAKING SCENTS Spas have always used scent to enhance the guest experience (think: aromatherapy), but the savviest among them are increasingly doing so in practically ever y aspect of their branding and marketing. That's where companies like Aroma360, whose clients include Bliss Spas, Mandara Spa in The Bahamas, and Spa Montage Beverly Hills, can help—from creating signature scents to providing deliver y systems (small diffusers as well as large-scale HVAC system connections) plus private labeling in-spa and retail items, like candles, lotions, shampoos and room mists.

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