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O u r m i s s i o n h a s a l w a y s b e e n t o e x c e e d e x p e c t a t i o n s o f w h a t p e o p l e t h i n k p r i v a t e l a b e l i s . - L i z C o c c h i a , V i t e l l e L a b s C E O U n i t i n g t h e b e s t o f s c i e n c e a n d n a t u r e f o r t r u l y r e m a r k a b l e r e s u l t s . advertorial H ave you ever considered creating your own skin care brand? Artistry, excellence and passion are essential qualities you should look for in a manufacturing partner if your goal is to create a brand you're proud to put your name on. For more than 20 years, Vitelle Labs has specialized in the inception and manufacture of powerful, natural-source skin and body care, formulated to the exacting standards of the professional market. Every product tells a story— all you need to do is look at its ingredient list. Today's savvy skin care consumer can tell just by reading the label if the product being offered was created by a passionate formulator. Our clients look to us for natural source or nature identical actives which represent our eco-friendly business practices and clean-green formulation sensibility. At Vitelle Labs quality matters. We only choose ingredients for our products that we can stand behind because we know ingredients matter to our customers. Consider that there are very few skin care companies that make their own products, as manufacturing is a complex business. There are even fewer labs that manufacture in small batches; formulate using premium plant- derived materials; and employ eco- friendly preservatives and business practices. You have the opportunity to work with one such company. One that has received numerous industry awards for its impressive range of evidence-based products. As a skin care professional you would have access to our most powerful formulations, which you can then sell to your customers, under your own branding. Find out how cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals are taking advantage of this unique business opportunity, to offer skin care products with clinically validated actives that provide truly amazing results. Let us show you how creative and inspiring it can be to become involved in the selection and creation of your own proprietary skin care collection. Give us a call today and we'll show you how easy it is to take the fi rst steps towards having your own skin care brand. r missi n h a s a lwa ys bee n t exceed expectat ns wh at pe ple thi n k private la bel is. - Liz C cchia, Vitelle L a bs C U niti n g the be st f scie n ce a n d n atu re f r tru ly re ma rk a ble re su lts. VITELLE LABS PRIVATE LABEL 1.877.902.2332 A D V A N C E D PEPTIDE MATRIX S K I N C A R E " "

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