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In 2014, RevealU Skincare CEO Lauri Smetona decided to formulate skincare products that could protect and rejuvenate the complexion. Aiming to lessen exposure to toxins and chemicals, she quickly realized the importance of the base ingredient: water. It's essential for adequate moisture and optimum cellular function, in addition to being an important vehicle for transporting nutrients to the skin. Although tap water is usually fi ne for drinking, it can be more alkaline or acidic than the skin's pH level, which may cause breakouts, dryness and irritation. Clean water is an important building block for the body—and is the core of RevealU's "magic water." With six powerful elements—platinum, gold, silver, copper, zinc and magnesium—known for their soothing and healing properties, RevealU water is the perfect blend of nature and science. Using certifi ed California spring water highly rich in these elements, a proprietary process transforms the water and nutrients into millions of nano-sized particles able to penetrate the epidermis to its deepest layer, smoothing and softening skin by maintaining moisture levels, retaining elasticity, and defending against oxygen-related and UV damage. In January 2019, RevealU fi nally debuted its clean skincare line, formulated with its magic water to be a Be You Naturally With RevealU Skincare A clean beauty brand that delivers nature- and science-based products that nourish and protect the skin and body. PRESENTED BY REVEALU SKINCARE

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