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discoloration on the chest and neck, armpits or even the insides of the thighs. Another one of our top sellers is Pevonia Stem Cell Phyto-Elite Intensive Cream, which contains retinol along with argan and comfrey stem cells, vitamin C, collagen and squalane, among other antiaging ingredients that work together to plump and improve overall texture. After three cycles, our more mature clients see a tremendous difference in wrinkle depth. For people with oily skin and no active acne, as well as those battling post-infl ammatory hyperpigmentation, we recommend a series of six to eight Micro-Retinol Facials (60 min./$150) and at-home use of Pevonia Micro-Retinol Essential Moisturizer and Serum. The small retinol particles reach the deeper skin layers more easily, which results in immediate absorption of repairing ingredients that stimulate fi broblasts to reinforce collagen within the skin. What must clients keep in mind when using retinol? Stern: Because it can be drying, it's important that people use retinol sparingly. They should begin with a pea-size amount, applied twice a week at night. I fi nd that pairing hyaluronic acid (HA) with retinol is highly effective for combating dehydration, since HA holds 1,000 times its weight in water and is light enough that the retinol can still penetrate. De Jong: A lot of people have no idea that vitamin A, retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, tretinoin and tazarotene are all part of the same ingredient umbrella, although they differ in strength and some are only available by prescription. Because of this, consumers will often use multiple exfoliating products a day to scrub away skin fl akes caused by incorrect retinol use, which leads to more and more irritation. What they actually need to do is cut back on the retinol. Some clients should apply it twice a week, while others will benefi t from using it every night, depending upon a variety of lifestyle factors and their current skincare routine. They must also apply sunscreen daily, especially if they're outside a lot—unprotected skin that's been exposed to retinol will burn easily and may even blister. Marí: In general, I like to have my clients start out using retinol two to three times per week in the evening. After a couple of weeks, I check in and see how they're tolerating it. If they're using a prescription product, additional hydration is a must, so I'll swap out their moisturizer for something a bit heavier. Since retinol exfoliates the skin, it's imperative that the client use SPF and reapply religiously. Their skin is going to be more sensitive to hyperpigmentation when exposed to UVA/UVB rays, so I also encourage them to wear hats and tint the windows in their cars. u SPOTLIGHT 34 @dayspamagazine • August 2019 RapidEye Firming Wrinkle Smoother Pevonia Micro-Retinol Essential Moisturizer Ráya Vitanol-A Sesha Skin Therapy Complex-A Renewal Emulsion © GETTY IMAGES Sorella Apothecar y All Night Elixir sorellaapothecar Topical retinol works by boosting the skin's renewal process, removing dead cells on the surface for a brighter, tighter, more even complexion.

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