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C B D W E L L N E S S FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT INFO@NFSKIN.COM 786.409.2634 Step 1: 100mg Isolate CBD Facial Cleanser Gently free your skin of oils, dirt and impurities! Organic citrus extract makes detoxifying easy with its naturally degreasing, astringent and skin brightening properties. Paired with soothing aloe leaf juice and cucumber extract, it is a sweet treat to the senses and won't dry out skin. Macadamia glycerides, arginine, serine and other skin conditioning agents emulsify skin to promote a deep cleanse without dehydrating. Step 2: 100mg Isolate CBD Facial Toner A toner temperate in scent and sensation, it is great for even the most delicate skin! Full Spectrum CBD deeply penetrates the skin, emulsifying it with rich fatty acids and a high antioxidant profile. witch hazel—a natural astringent—pacifies irritation without overdrying the skin. This toner shrinks pores while balancing and managing oils rather than depleting them—something that often times leads to an imbalance of sebum production and in turn more stubborn acne, and many other undesirable associated symptoms. Step 3: 50mg CBD Full Spectrum Pure C Serum This full spectrum CBD and vitamin serum is an antioxidant powerhouse designed to combat external pollutants, while pacifying redness and scarring with its beneficial properties. A botanical elixir both damage repairing and anti-aging in nature, is effective yet still gentle enough to pair with most skincare routines for daily use. Hyaluronic acid aids in moisture retention, ensuring skin is well hydrated and the pro-collagen and pro-elastin effects of vitamin C are supported for a supple complexion. Step 4: 100mg Hydrating Eye Treatment Treat your under eyes with this anti-bag blend! Formulated with clinically supported alfalfa seed extract—an ingredient proven to stimulate lymph drainage—and full spectrum CBD, this cream is wonderful for the decongestion, draining and toning of the surface of under-eye bags. Hydrolyzed Collagen helps lift, firm and brighten under eye and surrounding area as a preventative measure for crows feet. Retinol encourages production of skin cell turnover and renewal. Jojoba and hemp oil moisturize surrounding eye areas along with avocado oil, which is naturally rich in fatty acids and may lighten skin affected by hyperpigmentation. Step 5: 20mg CBD Moisturizer with SPF 30 Protect your freshly primed skin! A face guard of both titanium and zinc oxides, this broad-spectrum blend sits on top of the skin (it does not absorb!) and blocks both UVA and UVB rays! Loaded with calming ingredients such as allantoin, shea butter, and cucumber extract, this blend moisturizes the skin to ensure a smooth and consistent application, keeping it a viable base for makeup. Green tea leaf and CBD extracts offer potent antioxidant and skin soothing properties, complimenting rose hip oils ability to hydrate dry and itchy skin, reduce scars and fine lines and correct dark spots with its fatty acid profile. Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 500mg FS Tincture · 1000mg FS Tincture 1500mg FS Tincture · 2500mg FS Tincture Blended with full spectrum oil, our oil is available in low, mid and high-grade concentrations for those taking it for overall wellness as well as those taking it to relieve discomfort. Soothing Relief Cream with Emu Oil 500mg CBD Potent and rapid acting, a blend of aloe, arnica, boswellia extract and menthol allow for amplified effects, felt within minutes of application! Pain Relief with 4% Lidocaine 500mg CBD Built with a targeted roller applicator and child-resistant cap, its packaging allows for mess-free application! Block pain with OTC concentration of Lidocaine, a topical anesthetic used to relieve discomfort. Apple Stem Cells Lightweight Moisturizer 100mg CBD Improve overall texture and radiance of skin with our deeply Apple Stem Cell Lightweight Moisturizer! Blended with clinically supported ingredients, it prevents age degradation of cells. Aromatherapy De-stress 100mg FS CBD Take the power back from tension! CBD, vitamin E, sunflower seed and argan oils replenish the skin while woody Eucalyptus and calming Peppermint Oils invigorate the senses. Aromatherapy Awaken 100mg FS CBD Stimulate your senses with CBD Awake Aromatherapy! Gently glide the roller ball for an even application of CBD and other nourishing oils, an olfactory burst of refreshing lavender and light evergreen! Calming CBD Gummies 20mg per Gummy A great alternative to bottled oils or capsules, or just a way to diversify daily CBD intake! Whipped Body Moisturizer 200mg CBD Designed for ultimate hydration without greasy residue. Consistently mixed with shea butter, lavender oil and vitamin E, this restorative recipe is gentle and gratifying. D

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