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It's no secret: Eyelash services have been booming and show no signs of slowing down. In particular, many clients prefer treatments like the RefectoCil Lash Lift as an alternative to extensions, which can be expensive. A Lash Lift is also waterproof and lasts up to six weeks, ideal for people planning a beach vacation or those who are simply tired of using a curler every morning; Lash Lift gives them the confi dence of beautiful, natural eyelashes, whether they are short or long! How It Works RefectoCil Lash Lift is performed using cushioned silicon pads to lift the lashes up from the roots. The application process involves spreading the cysteine formula—developed specifi cally for the sensitive eye area—from the roots to the middle part of the lashes, which creates a lifting effect due to the shape of the silicon pads. First, a solution that breaks down the hair's keratin bonds is applied and left on for eight minutes, prepping lashes to take on a new shape. Then, the tech applies a second solution, which takes fi ve minutes to fi x hair in the desired shape. The Lash Lift gives the appearance of longer, fuller lashes that can be tinted straight away to complete the look. Business Benefi ts The Lash Lift is a highly profi table add-on service that every spa should have on its menu. In fact, many RefectoCil-trained spas and salons are experiencing satisfi ed clients who return every six weeks to get the service done again. Lash Lifts can range from $60 to $90, and you can even bundle a tint into the price. The formula is so gentle that you can redo the application immediately if you don't get the perfect shape the fi rst time. Speaking of which, Lash Lift is one of the quickest lift treatments in the world, which means that a trained professional can perform a Lash Lift and tint in less than half an hour, including the time for prep work—great news for you and your clientele! RefectoCil Lash Lift The perfect add-on for clients seeking lush-looking lashes. PRESENTED BY REFECTOCIL AFTER BEFORE The RefectoCil Lash Lift kit ($139.95) comes with ever ything you need to per form 36 applications: silicon pads (sizes S, M and L), brushes, dishes and solutions. For professional use only. Contact 877.283.7546 for more information about our products and services, and visit for demonstration videos.

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