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August 2019 • 63 © GETTY IMAGES time and money to perfect your skills, so if you charge less, you're really underselling yourself and the craft," notes Ta. That said, many businesses offer lower pricing for services with less experienced techs, with fees gradually going up as staffers become more seasoned. Keep in mind that a complimentary touch-up within a month or two of the fi rst service should be included in the price. "That's generally to balance or fi ll in spots we may have left open to see how the skin heals," explains La Palermo. From there, although eyeliner, microshading and lip color can last for two years or more, microblading will typically need to be touched up within 8 to 12 months, with pricing between $150 and $700 (and even more if the client waits longer than a year). Clearly, permanent makeup services can be seriously profi table; even better, they practically sell themselves, says La Palermo, adding that the best way to market the procedures is to perform services on a few people who work at the spa. "Then, show clients before and after pictures of those staff members," she suggests. "Odds are they'll be eager to get the services done themselves." If you're just starting out, it's a good idea to talk up your new offerings on social media, too—but only include photos or videos demonstrating your most professional, super sanitary practices. "If you're showing yourself doing the procedure and you're not wearing a gown, or your client isn't wearing a gown and something to keep hair off their face, that shows that you don't know what you're doing," explains La Palermo. Ultimately, the proof— and profi ts—could be in these posts, and odds are you'll soon be the most sought-out spa in your area. u

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