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August 2019 • 65 ADD LIVE ELEMENTS Much of the beauty and comfort we enjoy every day comes straight from Mother Nature. So why not bring more of her into your spa? Educator Kim Collier, owner of Collier Concepts and consultant for Blu Spas, suggests incorporating biophilic design by working with natural light, adding plants and earth elements, and even installing a living wall. "They will always inspire," says Collier, noting that greenery boosts an area's aesthetic and air quality. Diaz, who takes pride in her spa's eco-friendly message, agrees: "I fi ll the space with all types of plants. You'll fi nd foliage in every corner, including the bathroom," she says. Although regular care and upkeep can make plants more demanding design elements, they're a low-cost option for those seeking simple ways to elevate their environment. Additionally, the natural characteristics of your space should be incorporated into your brand message. "I printed and placed my own logo on our building's pre-existing light box. Inside, I had an artist paint additional signage, keeping the aesthetic consistent and creative," says Diaz. If your building offers substantial natural lighting, make it your theme, using it to showcase elements of your spa or enhance the guest experience. Highlighting the unique features of your environment is not only cost-effective, it's a simple way to add distinctive touches that help make your spa one of a kind. REFURBISH AND REUSE As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and making use of secondhand decor can add character while preserving your budget. "My spa is fi lled with gems that I've found in all kinds of secondhand stores," says Diaz. "I've furnished my space with all repurposed items, which is an eco- conscious way that I highlight my personal aesthetic." Natural Feeling includes a repurposed light structure, antique frames and reupholstered seats that Diaz says brought new life to the interior and aligned the decor with her own values and brand message. "This is a great way to be better to the earth, save some money and create a truly unique space with personal touches," she adds. In the same vein, Diaz suggests supporting other local businesses. She had a nearby carpenter create shelving for the front desk and a sitting space out of reclaimed wood, and she commissioned an area artist to furnish her bare walls. "I have the work of a local feminist artist painted directly on my walls to further my message of self-love, self-care and supporting women," says Diaz. "These are inexpensive, yet thoughtful ways to shape the spa experience." COURTESY ADINA DIAZ

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