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TOUCH ALTERNATIVES 74 @dayspamagazine • August 2019 © GETTY IMAGES Reiki This Japanese stress reduction and healing technique is intended to improve the fl ow of a person's life force energy, or qi. Proponents believe that low or stagnant qi creates sickness and stress, while a strong life force brings health and happiness. How it works: Reiki aims to transfer energy from the practitioner to the client. The guest can remain fully clothed as the therapist lightly touches or simply hovers their hands over areas where energy is needed most—often the head, torso and back. "Most Reiki clients have a feeling of imbalance and low energy. They're looking for a service that will help address that and improve their overall well- being," reports Bill Engvall, assistant spa director of G2O Spa + Salon in Boston. It usually takes two to three sessions to make an impact. Reiki at G2O is available as a stand-alone service, and as an add-on to facials or massages (30 min./$65; 60 min./$105). Popularity points: Reiki is especially sought- after by people "going through a crisis like cancer or the loss of a loved one," notes Engvall. "It's an excellent and needed component for any place that offers alternative healing." Some guests visit G2O specifi cally for Reiki treatments, but often the therapist suggests it during a regular massage when they sense the guest could benefi t from energy work. Natural Facelift Massage No need to go under the knife—in fact, some people fi nd natural facelift massage to be as good, if not better. Initially developed by massage therapists Kundan and Narendra Mehta, the technique is based on Ayurvedic practices and involves no products of any kind. How it works: Multiple modalities are employed, including myofascial release, acupressure and lymphatic drainage using circular, sweeping and lifting motions to relax facial muscles. "As we age, the skin sinks into the bone, making us look older," explains Lisa Zimmer, LMT, owner of NY Natural Facelift Massage in New York City. "This massage works to free and retrain connective tissue. Afterward, guests look more youthful and feel refreshed. People ask my clients if they're in love!" Popularity points: Some guests see a difference immediately, while others notice changes after several sessions. "It depends on their age and needs," notes Zimmer, whose sole offering is the Mehta Natural Facelift Massage (50 min./$145). It usually takes around six sessions for the muscles to remember the work and create lasting change, she adds.

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