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IN THE NEWS 82 @dayspamagazine • August 2019 Give Me an A People who have inadequate vitamin A in their diets are more susceptible to skin infection, yet how the vitamin affects skin immunity has been unclear. In a study published in Cell Host & Microbe, UT Southwestern (UTSW) researchers shed some light on that mystery by identifying a previously unknown protein in the resistin-like molecule (RELM) family—RELM in mice, and resistin in humans—that acts as an antibiotic to rapidly kill bacteria, and is stimulated by dietary vitamin A. "RELM is the fi rst example of an antimicrobial protein that requires dietary vitamin A for its bacterial killing activity," says Lora Hooper, MD, UTSW professor of Immunology and Microbiology and corresponding author on the study. "This fi nding gives us an important clue about how the skin defends itself against infection, and how skin defense is regulated by the diet." Adds Tamia Harris-Tryon, MD, PhD, UTSW assistant professor of Dermatology and Immunology: "Considering how often retinoids are used in dermatology, the implications of our fi ndings are potentially vast." u © GETTY IMAGES We Believe the Hottest Name in Beauty is YOURS! If you have a brand, and wish to creatively impact its future, we are here to help you make that happen. At CBI, our success is creating yours. © CBI Laboratories, Inc. 2019 PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE LABEL SKINCARE 800.822.7546

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