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HEALTH WISE also provides activities designed to help rebalance the organs of elimination: colon, kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. Colonics, massages, skin brushing, wraps, specialized movement therapy and yoga classes are part of the spa's comprehensive cleansing program. "Food we cannot process, chemicals in the air, even stress, can make our bodies not work as they should," says Belen, an avid juicer. "Every cell in our body needs periodic cleansing." Advocates like Belen say that juicing is a way to let Good idea or not, everyone has the option to subsist on nothing but juices for a prescribed period of time. Often they turn to companies that have put together recommended combinations of juices, designed to—theoretically, at least—meet daily nutritional needs, and provide variety to make the process more enjoyable. There are a number of popular cleanses currently on the market: • Blueprint Cleanse ( • Cooler Cleanse ( • Life Juice Cleanse ( • Liquiteria ( • Master Cleanse ( • Organic Avenue ( • Ritual Cleanse ( Some spas have chosen to affiliate with juice cleanse companies like the ones listed above. But before you go that route, make sure you've done your homework. What most of these companies offer are one, three, five or more days' worth of juices, nut milks and herbal mixtures. Many provide several levels of cleansing: A beginner might choose a package with more fruit juice and familiar-tasting drinks, whereas a veteran juicer might brave a day's worth of strong, green sidebar continued on page 102 • Use FreeInfo #50 100 DAYSPA | JUNE 2013 ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM THE JUICE IS OUT THERE

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