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Evans (left) strikes a pose with one of her "divas." What are your criteria for participating spas? Right now they're pretty much location-based, and the spa has to be high-end. I check out the facility first if I can, or else I take a virtual tour to get a sense of its interior. I want it to be very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and nose; a lovely place for the women to go. It's not that I'm a snob, but these patients are going through a lot, so I want them to have a good experience in a pretty place. doesn't have oncology services, I'll ask if they have pregnancy massage—most often, it's gentle enough. But first I talk to the spa owner and explain to her, 'I'm sending in a girl who's going through this, that and the other.' I know a little about oncology massage, so I'll ask them, 'Hey, do you offer manual lymphatic drainage or myofascial release? Do you have a mineral bath or nice Jacuzzi?' I'll sometimes suggest a pampering body application of aromatherapy lotion, which is less intense than a standard Swedish massage. I do plenty of research to make sure treatments are suitable for these women. How do you select the spa treatments to gift? I find something based upon what the woman has told me she needs. Women in remission are fine with most spa treatments. But there are women who are ultra-sensitive, who may have to wait until after their chemo because having a massage, even a gentle one, can cause nausea. So I base their spa therapies on how they feel and on what their doctor says is OK. If a spa You're giving so much of yourself—what do you get from providing these experiences? Sometimes I will come home to flowers on my doorstep from women saying thank you. I get emails from women after they've spent their day up to their neck in bubbles or whatever, and that's what it's about. It's about keeping the beauty of the soul alive and helping these patients feel that they're women of worth. through ovarian and uterine cancer, but I do hear from breast cancer patients most often. • Use FreeInfo #66 | JUNE 2013 119

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