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5 QUESTIONS WITH... Laurie Nicoll, founder and CEO of Stemulation What are some of the challenges of being the 'new kid on the skincare block'? Stem cells are a hot topic right now and there is a lot of miscommunication regarding their role in skincare products. It's important to convey the science behind our line so that our clients understand that Stemulation products are ethically produced—the cells we use are taken from a biotech stem cell research lab. 1 Nicoll (left) and her daughter, Cayla Gebhardt, pause for a photo. Some say necessity is the mother of invention. This was certainly the case for Laurie Nicoll, creator of the revolutionary line Stemulation. From a young age, Nicoll struggled with vitamin A and D deficiencies, which resulted in chronic skin dryness and sensitivity. As an adult, she found some relief by compounding a variety of suggested treatments into her own solution. However, the problem was never completely resolved, even after Nicoll graduated from college and began a career in the finance industry. But, when the recent economic recession hit, this single mother of two made her exit from the devastated mortgage world and took a sales job for a stem cell research company. It didn't take long for Nicoll to draw a connection between her own skincare woes and stem cells, and soon she was hooked on the repairing and renewing powers of these biological building blocks. "The company I served was working on major medical advancements using stem cells in the treatment of diseases and severe injuries," explains Nicoll. "I was the blonde at the conference table wondering, 'If you can grow organs, can you regenerate skin?'" This curiosity led Nicoll to learn all about the process of capturing stem cells' growth factors for use in skin care. "After I developed a keen understanding of this cutting-edge science, I partnered with a formulator to develop a line that would be nutrient-rich with high efficacy, and luxurious, too," she says. In serving as her project's guinea pig, Nicoll found her lifelong skin ailments drastically improved. She knew she had a hit on her hands. And, voila—Stemulation was born. In its three years of existence, the brand has steadily grown its roster from one facial serum to seven stem cell-infused products. (Its eighth launch, an alpha hydroxy toner, will hit the market later this year.) Although her journey as a skincare guru has really just begun, Nicoll is ready and willing to carry out her mission of producing a truly effective product that helps consumers to feel more confident in their own skin. "I didn't get into this to make millions of dollars," she says. "For me, it's about making a difference in people's lives."—Angela Melero 32 DAYSPA | JUNE 2013 What is your business philosophy? In the beauty industry, integrity and honesty are all you have. In treating my own skin ailments, I've come to realize that many skincare products are about 90% hype and 10% efficacy. I'd rather fly under the radar and produce a product that truly delivers and makes an impact on people's lives and self-esteem. Our company is about helping consumers age gracefully, and be healthy inside and out. 2 And your personal philosophy? I'm passionate about making people happy. Growing up with problem skin 3 was humbling and humiliating. As a little girl, I remember my hands bleeding from being so dry. My doctors tried everything—light treatments, sea salt baths, salves and creams—and nothing worked. If I can make a product that saves people a moment of humiliation, then I feel that I've done my job. What do you do when you're not growing a skincare empire? I love to cook, play golf and do yoga in my spare time. I'm also a big movie junkie. This year, I made it my goal to see every film that was nominated for major awards. My favorite was Silver Linings Playbook. 4 What's the last good book you read? I'm always reading about three to four books at a time. One of my recent favorites was Good to Great by James Collins. It's a great read for every businessperson or entrepreneur. I also enjoyed Unleash the Power of the Female Brain: Supercharging Yours for Better Health, Energy, Mood, Focus and Sex, by Dr. Daniel G. Amen. 5

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