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LUMAFIRM FREEZE-DRIED MASK TREATMENT products by Pevonia, Spa: Anthony & Sandra Euro Day Spa & Salon, Jacksonville, FL Selling point: Channels marine collagen and elastin to deliver brightening, along with tightening, benefits. Protocol: • Prepare Clear-O-Zym and LumaFirm Freeze-Dried Treatments. • Remove client's eye makeup with Eye Make-Up Remover. Wipe eyelids with Why it's a favorite: Anti-Stress Eye Lotion-soaked pads. "After receiving this • Apply Hydrating Cleanser, working treatment, clients are gently into skin. Remove with warm, immediately aglow!" raves wet pads. Follow with Hydrating Lotion. co-owner Tony LaRoche. • Cover eyes with pads moistened in "There are are no side Anti-Stress Eye Lotion. Using a brush, effects at all, nor harsh apply Clear-O-Zym over face and neck, redness. For facelift-like coming within a half-inch of eyes. results, we recommend six • With facial on steam for 10 minutes, biweekly treatments prior to a special event." wet fingers with warm water and massage Clear-O-Zym into skin. • Remove with warm, moist pads. Squeeze skin gently and proceed with extractions, if needed. Use Phyto-Gel Cleanser, followed by Hydrating Lotion, to eliminate Clear-O-Zym residue. • Using a mask brush, apply Freeze-Dried emulsion to face, neck and décolleté, concentrating on areas most in need of firming. Continue wetting hands and massaging until entire solution has been absorbed. • Apply "C" Evolutive Eye Gel and cover eyes with Anti-Stress Eye Lotionmoistened pads. • Apply Lumafirm Repair Mask over face and neck. After 10 minutes, rinse mask with cool, moist pads. Follow with Hydrating Lotion. • Apply Lumafirm Repair Cream over face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently until fully absorbed. VITA-SEA FIRMING FACIAL products by Wilma Schumann, Why it's a favorite: "There's room for customization, and under the warm spirulina mask, clients physically experience the sensation of their skin tautening and becoming firmer," says Skin Secrets' manager and esthetician Nina Cain. Spa: Skin Secrets, Lawton, OK Selling point: Its aromatic, marinederived ingredients, firming spirulina mask, and cocktail of nourishing vitamins and minerals appeal to both male and female guests. Protocol: • Turn on steam to analyze skin, and apply Cleanser to face and neck, rinsing with wet sponges. Pat dry. • Using cotton applicator, apply thin layer of Glycolic Plus to target areas. Leave for 2 minutes or until skin tingles. • Wet hands and exfoliate using Gentle Skin Scrub. Apply Soothing Toner-soaked eye pads and continue to steam for 5 to 10 minutes. • Remove any impurities on face and neck with Soothing Toner. • Apply layer of Marine Collagen and Lipo C Plus. Starting below neck and using upward strokes, perform a facial massage (adding Facial Massage Cream to Marine Collagen to maintain slip) if necessary. • Apply a base layer of Noutri Plus & Lipo C Plus before applying Spirulina Mask. • After 15 minutes, remove mask by working fingers around edges, and having client move facial muscles while mask is gently lifted from face, in an upward motion. Remove any residue. • Apply Moisture Protectiv. Gently press client's temples, count to 3, and release. WINE PEPTIDE LIFT & TONE TREATMENT WITH LED products by Rhonda Allison, Spa: The Treatment Room, San Francisco Selling point: Recommended as an alternative to going under the knife, as it stimulates collagen fiber production for four to six weeks following treatment. Protocol: • Cleanse skin with Citrus Gel Cleanser mixed with 20% L-Lactic Acid, massaging into skin with dampened hands for several minutes. Rinse several times with warm water and gauze. Blot skin dry. • Saturate gauze with Apple Wine Peel and smooth into skin. Wait 5 minutes, then apply second layer. Do not remove. • Massage a cocktail of Amino Peptide Serum, Super C Serum and Therapy E Serum into skin. Do not remove. • Apply LED red light for about 15 minutes. • Mix Natural Lift Masque, Natural Lift Activator and Amino Peptide Serum into smooth, creamy paste, and apply to face and neck using firm brush. Leave for 30 minutes, or until extremely firm and tight. • Remove mask with moist hands, gauze, Citrus Gel Cleanser and, if necessary, a warm compress. • Pat 3 to 4 drops Super C Serum into skin. • Apply layer of Amino Peptide Moisturizer, and finish with Daytime Defense SPF 30. Why it's a favorite: "This service seriously turns back the clock thanks to apple wine, a distilled vinegar that's wonderful for fostering firmness," says owner Devin Romero. "The LED synergy accelerates healing from the peel, and effects further tightening action, too." | JUNE 2013 53

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