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READY, SET, FIRM! DERMASOUND ULTRASONIC LIFTING AND FIRMING TREATMENT products by GlyMed Plus, Spa: Mario Tricoci, Chicago Selling point: Channels ultrasound technology to target skin at the cellular level, plus the progressive nature of its firming benefits bodes well for rebooking—clients should receive six biweekly treatments before moving into a maintenance schedule of service every four to six weeks. Protocol: • Cleanse using Mega-Purifying Cleanser or Gentle Facial Wash. • Perform 7 to 10 passes with UltraSonic Peeling set at 90 kHz. • Massage Anti-Aging Exfoliant Masque into moist skin, and perform a hand massage for 3 to 5 minutes before removing mask. • Based on skin sensitivity, apply 1 or 2 layers of Vitamin A Power Peel. Do not remove. • Apply light spray of Skin Recovery Mist, and 2 to 4 drops of Living Cell Clarifier. • Apply Stem Cell Power Serum and infuse using Sono—section by section, in upward strokes—to targeted areas such as eye contour, jawline, cheek contour and neck. • Massage light application of AHA Accelerator into skin. • Use Sono to penetrate DNA Reset Face and Neck Cream into entire face and neck. • Apply even coat of Ultra Hydro Gel and use microcurrent device for 10 minutes, performing upward-lifting strokes. • Massage Photo-Age Environmental Protection RESURFACING PEEL products by Environ, Why it's a favorite: "It offers deep exfoliation, optimal product penetration and ultimately much firmer skin," says Cheryl Santucci, Mario Tricoci's director of esthetics, beauty and retail. "Technicians who perform this service tend to build their business thanks to our many guests who are focused on age-reversal and prevention therapies." Gel SPF 15 to entire face and neck, and Cell Protection Balm to lips. ANTI-AGING LIFTING MASSAGE products by Sanítas Skincare, Why it's a favorite: "Our estheticians Spa: Renovus Medical Spa, love performing this Johnson City, TN treatment because it's Selling point: Along with lax skin, fun, easy and clients treatment targets pigmentation, see great results with sun damage and scarring, care of minimal downtime," super-dosed vitamins A, C and E, and says medical director Dr. growth factors. Donald E. Clemons. Protocol: • Remove makeup, cleanse and apply Alpha Toner Forte. • Apply choice of percentage peel product based on client's skin type. • Apply Peeling Neutralizer over peel and remove with Cleansing Gel. • Apply a thin layer of Colostrum Gel (for fragile, sensitive skin), A & C Serum (for photodamage and hyperpigmentation) or Intense Retinol (for clients acclimated to higher strengths of vitamin A). • Prepare Alginate Masque. Place tissues along hairline, apply a thin layer of Treatment Gel, and apply mask, allowing it to set for 5 to 10 minutes. • Remove mask, massaging in any excess product. Remove hand mitts and massage in excess product. • Apply AVST Eye Gel or C-Quence Eye Gel, Treatment Gel and SPF 25 (a.m.) or Moisturizer (p.m.). 58 DAYSPA | JUNE 2013 Spa: The Spa at Harrah's, Las Vegas Selling point: Provides an instant lifting and hydrating boost—ideal for the jet-lagged, stressed or overtired client. Protocol: • Cleanse using Lactic Cleanser, and remove with a warm, moist towel. • Tone face, neck and décolleté with cotton round soaked in Glycotoner 5% or 10%, using upward and Why it's a favorite: "There is nothing more outward motions. satisfying than being • Use a fan brush to apply Cranberry Enzyme able to deliver a great, Mask. Leave on 15 minutes under steam results-driven facial," before removing with warm, moist towel. says Melissa Fielding, • Perform extractions if necessary, applying Mild Harrahs' leisure services Medicated Toner to extracted areas. director. "Clients see and feel a change in • Perform Sanítas Facial Massage Sequence their skin after one using Natural Moisture Factor or Nourishing facial—it offers an Massage Oil. immediate lift!" • Apply thick layer of PeptiDerm Professional to face, neck and décolleté, then apply Re-VitaLize Mask on top with fan brush. Apply eye pads and leave on 15 minutes, massaging arms and hands with Nourishing Massage Oil in meantime. • Remove mask with tepid, moist towel and apply thick layer of Hyaluronic Concentrate to face, neck and décolleté. • Pat PeptiDerm Eye Treatment around orbital bone, and massage a thick layer of Vita C Serum or Rejuven-A into face, neck and décolleté. • Finish with Peptiderm Moisturizing Cream and layer of Solar Block.

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