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SHAPING THE FUTURE ALTERNATIVE HEALTH Southwick and East Hampton, MA; East Hartford, CT ( At all-natural wellness center Alternative Health, which has grown to three locations since its 1999 inception, CEO John Hoime has designed detox programs to address "every autoimmune deficiency known to man"—and regularly helps clients achieve goals that range from maintaining general well-being to addressing the effects of cancer. He begins with a phone or in-person consultation to review medical issues and ask clients about everything from stress levels to hormones, before deciding what will benefit each individual. Programs may last for one week or up to six months, depending on clients' concerns and degree of commitment, and may include supplements, ionization detox, body wraps, ear candling and more. Throughout each program, clients are kept on track via weekly meetings where Alternative Health pros measure key stats such as body fat percentage and hydration levels— and help correct any missteps. "We lay out what foods to eat and to avoid, and call each client every day to provide guidance as her health evolves," explains Hoime. "We act as constant motivators, educators, coaches and cheerleaders." Like many detox devotees, Hoime is his own success story: In the '90s, sick with Candida, he met with Dr. Linda T. Nelson, founder of M'lis, and became well with her guidance; he has now lived free from medications for 14 years, and turns to M'lis products and supplements to help his clients detoxify. Hoime admits that it can be tough to find compassionate employees who share his enthusiasm for learning all about the human body, and getting and staying healthy themselves—but knows that qualified staff members ultimately help contribute to his centers' impressive local reputation. Though Hoime participates in occasional seminars and local events, referrals make up 95% of his business. "We work with chiropractors— a lot of physicians don't believe in holistic wellness," he says. "It's when people become sick and tired of taking medicine that they come and see us." Hoime believes that the complete package of services—not a single wrap, cleanse or supplement cycle, but many parts offered at the right time and working in tandem—is what makes his programs successful. Hoime's business claims a 95% success rate (and he notes that some clients have been loyal for 10 years), though it's a challenge to keep clients motivated after they experience initial improvements."The biggest task, once they're healthy, is to keep them from returning to old habits or trying quick fixes," he explains."The goal is lifestyle change; we simply develop programs that allow the body to heal itself." JAMIE'S THERAPEUTIC TOUCH DAY SPA For spa owners who want to ramp up or launch their own arsenal of detox offerings, Jamie Pettiette-Rhone, owner of Jamie's Therapeutic Touch Day Spa, suggests soliciting feedback from clients—asking what they want that you don't already offer. Perhaps that's part of the reason her spa provides a veritable litany of detoxifying services and take-home options, including Advocare detox kits and weight-loss pills, infrared dry saunas, body wraps, aqua foot detox, Pressotherapy machine therapy and lymphatic massage. A nurse and doctor on staff help determine the best option or package for each client, depending on her goals, and then help monitor her progress. "Most seek weight-loss along with detoxification, so we can suggest a cleanse, body wraps, our VibraTrim machine, energy drinks, multivitamins, natural supplements or even weight-loss injections," explains 90 DAYSPA | JUNE 2013 Pettiette-Rhone. "We enter all of the details into our spa software and encourage clients to buy packages, for which we print out gift certificates that list individual program components as a helpful reminder." Keeping clients on track is always a challenge, but the staff at Jamie's engages in daily, and creative, motivation tactics. Because recipients of the sauna package, for example, often end up coming in ev- ery day to use the spa's facilities, staff can check in and monitor individuals' progress in person. Meanwhile, Facebook specials and contests motivate new and returning clients to lose weight. For last year's "The Biggest Winner" competition, the spa charged $25 to compete for the title. The person who shed the most weight received a full day of wellness at the spa valued at $500; a second-place winner scored half of the money in the signup pot. Of course, success is a great motivator. Pettiette-Rhone reports that clients who follow the prescribed program lose an average of five to 20 pounds per month. "If they're coming in and doing what we ask, they lose weight and feel better; if they cheat, they won't get the results they want," she says. "But we've had clients who have lost 50 to 100 pounds, so word of mouth is huge— when clients are losing, they're so excited." ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM Palestine, TX (

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