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SHAPING THE FUTURE THE NEW YOU BODY WRAPS & WELLNESS SPA Utica, MI ( Lisa Jendza is a self-proclaimed "overweight smoker turned raw foodie" who initially opened her spa as a way to see a full detox program come to life, via the services from which she benefitted throughout her own detoxing process: mineral body wraps, sauna, vibration therapy and lymphatic drainage massage. With a holistic nurse and a vegan chef on staff, Jendza has been able to coach clients through not only weight-loss quests, but intensive detoxification and lifelong maintenance. She has even launched her own line of organic, aloe-based skin detox products, Skin & Tonic. "We all want our hair, skin and nails to look good, but not everything can be done topically," she says. "Detoxing programs are a way for spas to help women reverse the passage of time, internally." At The New You Body Wraps & Wellness Spa, the 10 Day Detox (based around whole foods and vegetable juices, smoothies, shakes and soups) kick-starts clients' efforts through supplied menus, recipes, a Facebook support group, one-on-one coaching from staff, plus three sauna visits, use of the spa's Power Plate machine, a heat wrap with lymph drainage and a mineral body wrap. Afterward, the client can participate in a three-month maintenance program, which includes a 30-minute consultation with New You's nurse, monthly cooking classes with the chef, sauna visits, one wrap per month and more. Coaching has always been a substantial part of the getting-well process for Jendza and her clients, though she has had to make adjustments along the way. "I used to teach classes at my spa for no charge, and that was a huge lesson for me—I found that if I don't charge, people don't take it seriously and don't show up regularly," recalls Jendza. "Now, $405 of our $495 package goes to spa treatments; the fact that clients are paying gives our coaching more credence, and leads to greater demand." With sensitivity to a clientele that consists • Use FreeInfo #43 92 DAYSPA | JUNE 2013 mainly of females in their 40s to 60s, therapists shy away from subjecting everyone to a lengthy consultation; instead, they use conversation to find out what clients truly seek. A guest may simply want a single body wrap to slim down for a special event, but if a therapist finds out during the service that she's looking for more, she can recommend the detox program—with the caveat that it requires commitment. "We don't push anyone, and some aren't ready to commit to a huge life change," notes Jendza. "But all of the people who come in see at least some results, and our maintenance program teaches clients to think about their health differently over the long run."

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