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SHAPING THE FUTURE PROVENCE WELLNESS CENTER Since opening shop in midtown Manhattan in July 2011, Provence Wellness Center has offered clients a range of services from reiki and reflexology to facials and massages. But its point of differentiation from many spas—and its biggest seller—lies in colonic hydrotherapy. "The core of our services is detoxification, and you can't get a deeper detox than a colonic," notes Nancy Tran, a manager at Provence. "Our most popular detoxing treatment is our colonic session, after which our therapist suggests an appropriate plan of action—such as a liver cleanse, Candida diet, specific foods to avoid, etc.—to further the client's detoxing goals." Many clients come to the spa before or after undergoing juice cleanses, or in search of a first step toward detoxification. Therapists answer questions and quiz clients about their goals and current ailments, but the spa doesn't promote itself as an answer to weight-loss, as colonics alone aren't a sustainable or healthy way to lose weight. (However, clients do report feeling lighter and boasting flatter abs afterward.) Provence offers two types of colonics, the gravity method and pressure method, both of which utilize closed systems for an odorless procedure. The therapist remains with the client for the entire service, and advises the client about when to come in again. The spa's therapists contend that, to reap proper detox, clients should receive at least three colonic sessions, so the spa offers a "package of three" special. Overall, clients are advised to receive quarterly procedures, visiting according to seasonal changes in diet. To help spread the word, the spa has partnered with Organic Avenue, a nearby juice bar, as colonics are recommended to help clients get the most out of juice cleanses. Tran acknowledges that the procedure poses challenges; namely, the squeamish factor—a lot of clients aren't going to talk about the service to anyone but their closest friends. (This does, however, ensure that potential clients are likely to trust a referral.) Overall though, clients' results have been positive—from effecting more regular digestion to helping to prevent illness—and Provence remains hyperaware of the spa's own reputation as a major selling point. "Our therapists are I-ACTcertified [International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy is the field's foremost organization] and have at least five years' experience, and many of our referrals come from holistic doctors," notes Tran. "We also share space with a holistic doctor, an acupuncturist and a naturopath. Great reviews on Yelp have also helped boost word of mouth—we even have a blog run by one of our clients!" The Ultimate Beauty Promotion Bella Silhouette ● Bipolar Radiofrequency for inmediate face lifting, tonning and a new younger looking skin. ● Tripolar Radiofrequency for inmediate body lifting after pregnancy, surgery or during weight lost programs. This will tone and firm the skin. ● Vacuum system with Multipolar Radiofrequency for body contour ● Ultracavitation will sculpt and treat fat and cellulite, with 68 KHz of wave penetration. ● Hands free pedal to operate the Ultracavitation ● Cavitation with red LED to treat small areas of the body and face and to stimulate collagen synthesis. $10,000. 10,000. , FINANCING AVAILABLE ANCING SE HABLA ESPAÑOL PressotherapyUnit Complete Body Detox by air pressure and infrared heat, includes microcurrent electrods for muscle stimulation. belleza & beauty® everything U need Toll Free (877) 411.7766 ● (818) 357.5337 | • Use FreeInfo #45 94 DAYSPA | JUNE 2013 ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM New York City (

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