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TREND WATCH Not for the faint of heart, Korean day spas are renowned for their take-noprisoners body scrubs. At Beverly Hot Springs (, Los Angeles' only 100% natural hot springs spa, the signature Body Scrub (30 min./$60) is a classic example of this rigorous treatment. In it, the therapist uses seaweed soap and loofah gloves to remove dead skin cells and impurities, revealing a new layer of skin that's ripe for soaking up post-treatment products. "Our clients love the Body Scrub because it's so exfoliating and deep cleansing," offers operational manager Trish Pham. "It stimulates blood and lymph flows, which helps improve skin tone and tighten the skin. January is the perfect time for everyone to embrace a new beginning with a cleansed mind and body. A body scrub is a small but significant start to get the momentum going, and get the skin glowing too. I've had the treatment myself many times—it's the best way for me to thank my body for working so hard to keep me healthy during the previous 12 months!" For a less rigorous—but no less stimulating—variation on the theme, Healing Waters Spa & Cosmetic Clinic ( in Durham, North Carolina, and Wichita, Kansas, offers the Correct ritual (90 min./$185). First, a citrus and mango sugar scrub is used to exfoliate the body, then a mud mask is applied and subsequently washed off with a Swiss shower, the jets "really helping to rev up the clients," says president and founder Amanda Gorecki. But what really sets the treatment apart is the pressure point massage using heated bamboo sticks, which leaves clients "invigorated and ready to face the day." The service concludes with a body lotion application and, finally, an energy drink. "The treatment is inspirational and uplifting, and the inclusion of bamboo takes it to the next level," adds Gorecki. "We recommend it for clients who are tired or sluggish. We also send them home Shock Tactics 14 DAYSPA | JANUARY 2014 with a cup with a 'Correct' logo on it to reinforce the message of correcting bad habits and establishing good ones." You could say it's the spa's way of helping their clients "stick with it!" —Lesley McCave TOP LEFT: © SALLY WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY/GETTY; BOTTOM: © TAMARA LACKEY PHOTOGRAPHY This January, add some vim and vigor to your spa's service menu! It's full steam ahead at Banya No.1 ( in London in the U.K., where brave clients partake in the full banya steam bath experience, an ageold Russian wellness ritual. According to owner Andrei Fomin, "There's a huge difference between a 'common' sauna and a proper Russian banya… The steam in a conventional steam room is cooler, but in a banya, the temperature of the stones or cast-iron bars inside the brick stove is around 700 degrees Celsius (1,292 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature in the steam room itself, however, is only 65 degrees C (149 degrees F), with humidity at 70%, so the steam is soft, light and easy to breathe." During the spa's signature venik massage (from 10 min./£25), the banschiks (banya attendants) manipulate the steam, moving it around the client's body, and use venik (leafy birch and oak branches) to sweep sweat off the skin, making the sweat glands work hard to banish toxins. The final part of the banya experience is a plunge into cold water (7-10 degrees C or 45-50 degrees F). "That shocking feeling leaves you lightheaded and your whole body buzzing," raves Fomin. "Afterwards, clients feel energized yet relaxed— our testimonials are riddled with 'wow!', 'amazing!' and 'life-changing'!"

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