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SPOTLIGHT ON... Dr. Marina I. Peredo, medical director of Spatique Medical Spa in Long Island, New York: I offer clients a variety of treatment solutions that incorporate creams and other non-invasive methods. One of our treatments, the Ultherapy Nonsurgical Facelift, employs ultrasound-based technology to tighten and tone the skin on the neck. We also offer laser treatment for the bust, as it's a very effective method for targeting pigmentation and sun damage, which are common to that area. Why do you think the neck/décolleté areas are often neglected by clients? Simons: In Europe, women possess a greater awareness of their bodies and are more likely to include bust treatments into their monthly salon program. In the U.S., I find women focus purely on their face until confronted with the first signs of aging on the neck and bust. Prevention is key, and treatment should begin as early as age 19 (that's when I started using bust gel every morning to support the décolleté). Peredo: There's such a disconnect between facial skin care and neck/décolleté skin care, which I think is due in large part to a lack of education. Clients don't see this type of skin care as a worthwhile investment and don't want to spend the money on treatment because they don't realize how important it is. Pekar: Because of our emphasis on the face, we forget that our neck and bust areas are often exposed, without protection. I don't think women realize how fragile and easily damaged that area is. What do clients frequently not realize about neck and bust care? Pekar: Once the damage is done, it is very difficult to go back! Age spots and sun damage to that area are difficult to repair, so it's best to take the proper preventive precautions sooner rather than later. Peredo: The neck and bust areas show signs of aging more than the face, because of the fragility of the skin. At the end of the day, the appearance of Going For the Jugular (continued) Dermalogica Super Rich Repair Dry, dehydrated skin is replenished with this nourishing cream. 800.831.5150, dermalogica .com 30 DAYSPA | Hale Cosmeceuticals Sub-Cu Glycine Neck Treatment The neck gets some TLC with this hydrating solution that improves firmness and reduces sagging. 800.951.7005, halecosmeceuticals .com JANUARY 2014 Phytomer Décolleté Parfait A brightening marine complex addresses age spots while glasswort oil corrects tone and wrinkles. 800.227.8051, DermAware Aerobic Infusion Mask An energizing cocktail that includes sea algae, blueberry and raspberry extracts works to lift and revitalize the skin. 888.292.DERM, Éminence Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck An argan stem cell complex delivers a potent dose of hydration, resulting in softer, smoother-looking skin. 888.747.6342, SAIAN BioFirming Neck Lift Kit Containing a potent Bio-Firming Neck Crème and stretch neck band, this duo combats aging in the chin, neck and décolleté. 800.291.1130,

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