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Take aim against winter-induced dehydration— and sluggish post-holiday sales—by empowering clients to self-treat between spa visits. By Katie O'Reilly 76 DAYSPA | JANUARY 2014 © NADZEYA KIZILAVA/GETTY The War At Home Accurate information is a spa owner's friend. While late-night solution-mongers surf the web seeking help for sudden skincare woes, it's the informed spa client who stands the best chance of avoiding mysterious flare-ups. "The web will never be able to provide the touch, connection and expertise of an esthetician," says Rebecca Nicholls, global education director at Jurlique ( "Professional estheticians take it upon themselves to teach clients how to assess and care for their own skin. This actually brings them back into your spa." Thanks to spa professionals, more people today understand that year-round care is the best line of defense against problems. And key to that care is maintaining a moisture balance. "It's a spa professional's job to communicate that the skin—our largest organ—is continually exposed to dehydrating factors and that, just like the body overall, it requires continual nourishment and hydration," notes April Zangl, CEO of HydroPeptide ( But it isn't easy to convince clients to take care of something they don't necessarily see. "Many of us take our skin's resilience for granted, which is why some of us neglect to properly hydrate, nourish and protect it," says Yair Nezaria, president of Shira Esthetics ( "Our fast-paced lifestyle also contributes to our tendency to forget about our skin's needs. In the end, it's lack of knowledge plus busy schedules that result in dehydrated skin." Experts agree that proper hydration is a nonnegotiable issue. "Dehydration is a near-ubiquitous condition resulting from ongoing factors like travel, climate, pollution, stress, detergents, diet and aging—every client gets dehydrated," says Annet King, director of global education for Dermalogica ( "All guests need their skin analyzed throughout the year, especially following changes in weather and additional challenges, such as illness. As therapists, we should constantly be adapting clients' product regimens to ensure the healthiest, most tailored routines." This is especially crucial in winter, when "dry air, indoor heating and temperature fluctuations diminish skin's water supply and drastically modify its hydration needs," notes Christine Heathman, CEO/founder of GlyMed Plus ( As Tamara Friedman, owner of Tamara Wellness + Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan, puts it: "You wouldn't wear your summer clothes in the winter." Are you and your staff doing your due diligence to ensure that clients maintain moisture balance between appointments? To help you make sure, DAYSPA grilled the most knowledgeable experts in the field. Read on and find out how to turn your clientele into a fleet of "winter warriors"!

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