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afer C hoice. The S Trusted in the salon industry for 30 years. Nufree® Hair Removal Facts: finipil® After Treatment Facts: - Self-preserving antibacterial & antimicrobial - Soy Based - Non-wax - Anhydrous - Low temperature - Erasable - Less Pain - Doesn't stick to skin - Never dries - Gentle for all skin types - ©2014 Equibal Inc. All rights reserved. V isit Us! Kills 99.999% of germs Cools and reduces swelling Moisturizes Protects the empty follicle FDA registered OTC antiseptic Replaces cataphoresis Helps to prevent ingrown hairs Dermatologist certified 800.247.2405 Nufree Antibacterial Test we have not been copied Beware of imitations Nufree® Nudesse® and finipil® are made only by Equibal Labs in the USA • Use FreeInfo #19 Preferred by Esthetici d by Wom

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