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I remember how validated I felt when I fi rst heard that there's a gene that governs sense of direction. "You see!" I told my husband triumphantly. "It's not my fault I keep getting lost!" He could never understand how a reasonably intelligent woman, when given the 50/50 choice of right or left, would inevitably turn the wrong way. I learned about the "sense of direction gene" thanks to The Human Genome Project, an international effort in scientifi c research that successfully sequenced, identifi ed and mapped virtually all of the gene pairs responsible—more than 50,000—for creating each individual's unique "genome". Your genome is largely responsible for what makes you, you. And the identifi cation of certain genes has opened up a world of potential excuses for us all. It's true that when we say, "I can't help being overweight, I have fat genes," we do have a point: scientists have identifi ed certain genes that predispose us to packing on the pounds. However, as the Harvard School of Public Health has noted, "Many people who carry these so-called 'obesity genes' do not become overweight, and healthy lifestyles can counteract these genetic effects." The same can be said for skin conditions. We know that many common skin maladies have a genetic component: acne, rosacea, freckles, even premature aging—the list continues. However, practitioners and product formulators also know that proper care of the skin, from protection to active treatment, is capable of counteracting most of these predispositions. And as skincare science advances, so do treatment options. In this issue of DAYSPA, we offer a treasure trove of discoveries and solutions to help your clients achieve their personal bests, complexion-wise. In "Delicate Conditions" (page 34), we examine three common problems— psoriasis, eczema and rosacea—and discuss newest discoveries in their probable causes and most effective treatments. Then, to help boost your professional know-how, we asked top industry leaders to discuss the interconnected roles of proteins, amino acids and peptides ("Protein Power", page 50). Of course, we can't forget our high-tech helpers: in Part 1 of our two-part feature on skincare technology ("Making Waves", page 64), we review the ways in which today's esthetics devices harness various types of energy to deliver amazing results. And fi nally, we had so much to say on the subject of skincare science that it has overfl owed to the web, so check out for our article on the effect of hormones on your clients' skin. If there's one thing that science teaches us, it's to never accept things at face value—and that includes our genes. So often, avoiding the seemingly inevitable is simply a matter of taking advantage of the knowledge and tools at our disposal. Or, as my husband has frequently pointed out to me, "You know, you could use a GPS." Linda Kossoff Executive Editor Give Your Genes a Break EDITOR'S PAGE 12 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2014 It turns out that we can't use the human genome as an excuse for everything.

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