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26 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON... it. This means your skin is infl amed, and your body is not able to properly fl ush away that infl ammation. Processed foods can cause infl ammation, and refi ned sugars and carbohydrates should be eliminated from your diet too. Replace them with more greens, dark fruits and good fats like almonds and avocados. Water is also a must. Monet: I discourage hot showers, as they can exacer- bate irritation, and encourage clients to observe their diet. Foods containing dairy and sugar can take their toll on the skin and promote breakouts. Cox: Having facial wipes on hand can help fi ght acne throughout the day. It's important to incorporate antioxi- dants into our diets too—they're warriors for the skin. There are many myths when it comes to treating acne. Can you dispel some of the most common ones you've come across? Mueller: Traditional remedies for acne are rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, as many people believed these ingredients could dry out acne. This is simply not the case, and you can damage your skin by using them. Cox: One common myth is that fried foods cause acne, which isn't true. Acne is a multi-dimensional problem with no magic solution. To properly treat the condition you have to tweak a number of things in your life: treat- ment consistency, sleeping patterns, diet, etc. How do you market your acne services? Mueller: Word of mouth has been our best marketing tool. When a teenager who has suffered from acne be- gins to see her skin transform, her confi dence changes. People around her notice, and are curious about the change. We are so thankful for our clients and their kind words. It may sound like a cliché, but a referral from a client really is the best compliment! Monet: My clients are my best marketing tools. I've had a lot of luck with daily discount sites too. I make sure that when new clients come in for the promotion, they receive the same treatment and customer service as that of a client paying full price. On-the-Spot Solutions (continued) Sothys USA Purifying Foaming Gel This antibacterial cleanser with iris and meadowsweet extracts helps oily and blemished complexions by normalizing excess sebum and refreshing the skin. 800.325.0503, Botanical Science Technologies Retinol Night Crème An encapsulated retinol delivery system reduces the appearance of fi ne lines and deep wrinkles while enhancing skin tone and texture. 800.668.7546, botanical FarmHouse Fresh Sand Your Ground Packing Arizona red montmorillonite clay, pumice powder, glycerin and willow bark extract, this mask gently exfoliates while tightening and detoxifying. 888.773.9626, farmhouse Sanítas Complexion Clear A blend of nutrients incorporating B complex, vitamins A, B 5 and E, zinc, copper, selenium and NAC targets oily, blemished skin from the inside out. 888.855.8425, sanitas-skincare .com GlyMed Plus Skin Gel This weightless, oil-free dermatological acne medication reduces acne lesions and calms infl ammation with a potent formula of salicylic acid, two hydroxyl acids and tea tree oil. 800.676.9667, Control Corrective Acne Essentials To Go Kit Travel- friendly sizes of a pumice wash, acne spot treatment, antibacterial gel and oil-free healing lotion target teen and adult acne. 866.290.4290, controlcorrective .com

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