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All real progress begins with a vision. For Sonia Boghosian and Raymond Scimouni, founders of Bio Jouvance Paris, the vision was not merely to push the skin care envelope, but to reinvent it. The combination of aesthetics and science would be the model for ev- ery Bio Jouvance skin care innovation over the next three decades. By 1986, Sonia and Raymond decided to take their ideas across the Atlantic, and opened the fi rst Bio Jouvance Paris Spa, distribution and training center on U.S. soil in San Francisco. Their iconoclastic combination of smart science and spa pampering in the new formulation of organic and scientifi c skin care went beyond established limits. Quickly Sonia was acknowledged as one of the industry's leaders for her efforts and continuous support of the esthetics industry. Through her timeless efforts and determination, Stem Cell Therapy, DNA Therapy, use of Ultrasound in esthetics and Microneedling (to name a few) are now available to estheticians. Affi rms Sonia, "I am committed to transcend the boundaries of the skin care and spa industries." SONIA BOGHOSIAN The fi rst Bio Jouvance products were based on Nobel-Prize-win- ning discoveries in cellular therapy: "Stem Cell Therapy" that allows healthy young cells to be fl ash- frozen at the height of their youth and strength. These powerhouse young cells could transmit their vitality to older skin cells via a process known as "cryo-therapy" (utilizing cold to enhance the treat- ment). Sonia and Raymond were able to translate this discovery into an unprecedented line of fresh-frozen skin care and be- come the fi rst to introduce Fresh Frozen Stem Cell Therapy in the U.S. 30 years ago. Other breakthroughs ensued. Bio Jouvance Paris incorporat- ed "Gemmotherapy" into the formulation of its complete prod- uct line, which is the use of plant blossoms and entire plants for their specifi c phytogenesis properties. These 100% organic, pure plant extracts are preserved through a remarkable and pat- ented process called the "Biogaphyt Concept." This process in- volves water reduction through vibration, not through cooking/ boiling, which is commonly used in the formulation of ordinary skin care lines. Utilizing the "Biogaphyt Concept" in the for- mulation of high-end products allows stabilization of the entire plant organ, preserving 92-98% of plant vitality and nutrients. Bio Jouvance Paris utilizes these advanced technologies to cre- ate a wide range of unique skin care products for Mature/Sun- Damaged, Acne/Oily, Rosacea and Pigmented skin. Today, Bio Jouvance is making its skin care revolution available to everyone with the complete line of Bio Jouvance Paris: professional lines for salon treatment and retail lines for home care including Bio Body and Bio Wax, and extraordinary products such as Bio Choice (No-Needle Alternative to Botox ® ), Bio Matrix Wrinkle Filler (No-Needle Alternative to Restylane ® ), and its latest addition, Bio Roller micro needling, EMA Clinical (Exclusive Medical Advances). Bio Jouvance Signature Treatments, including BIO GOLD Cleopatra's 24K Gold, BIO CHOCOLATE Antioxidant, BIO CAV- IAR Anti-Aging, and BIO DIAMOND Exfoliating and whitening are extraordinary and truly effective treatments that can be viewed on our website at EUROPRO EQUIPMENT was a new addition to Bio Jouvance Paris, that specializes in manufacturing the best professional equipment in the U.S. The company takes a special pride in being the fi rst equipment company to introduce Ultrasound, Ultrasound Microdermabrasion and LED Light Treatment. In 1993, Sonia and Raymond took the Bio Jouvance touch to Southern California, with a state-of-the-art training center: the latest equipment and technology, together with a full comple- ment of luxurious Bio Jouvance Paris products, and estheticians hand-picked and trained by Sonia who were ready to demon- strate and share Bio Jouvance Paris products and equipment to those interested in learning more about Bio Jouvance Paris systems and solutions. As Bio Jouvance celebrates its 30th year in the business, the couple remains committed to incorporating cutting-edge scientifi c progress into the area of beauty and skin care. Sonia and Raymond stay updated on the latest discoveries and sci- ence in skin care by attending trade shows and conventions worldwide and spending time in their laboratories in France and other countries in Europe, where research allows them to push open the door of skin care a little further with every new product introduction. As a pioneer in the skin care industry, and with a combined 70 years of experience, we understand your needs and concerns in offering an exceptional and results-oriented skin care. At Bio Jouvance Paris, your needs are met with high-quality products and equipment at a price that will maximize your profi ts. Our unique systems and solutions can be easily understood, applied and marketed for specifi c clientele. Our products adjust biologically to meet the needs of each client's specifi c skin condition. These exclusive results have lifted Bio Jouvance Paris to unrivaled status in the skin care industry. Bio Jouvance Paris is committed to transcend the bound- aries of skin care in the skin care industry with exciting new products and services as they are developed in Europe and around the world. For more information, please call 800.272.1716 or visit our website at Bio Jouvance Paris Celebrates Its 30 th Anniversary ADVERTORIAL

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