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Remember when you could impress facial clients with your new-fangled aromatherapy steamer? No one has to tell you, those days are long gone. Today, scientists seem to have fi gured out how to harness every possible type of energy to help tighten, smooth, feed and even out skin. We're talking electric currents, light rays, magnetic frequency, acoustic services, temperature-based energy and more. The only problem is, skincare professionals have practically had to rise to the ranks of astrophysicist to fi gure out how all of these technologies work, not to mention which ones they should use on whom, and when. Making things even more complicated: the various incarnations of terms used to describe similar therapies. Today's estheticians can't afford to be low-tech, says Shelley Hancock, co-owner of the esthetics consulting outfi t Real Transformation Center. "Over the course of a quarter-century as a skincare business owner, I've learned that to create and sustain a successful operation, you need to stay up on the ever-growing and changing esthetic equipment technology. Today's clients are savvy solution-seekers; they're already busy investigating technologies on their own, and they want to know you're tuned into the most cutting- edge, results-oriented treatments available," she says. According to Hancock, providing relaxing, 90-minute-long facials "isn't going to fi ll your piggy bank, keep your clients coming back, or wear well on your own body." Our two-part article is designed to help you form your own skincare tech strategy. Here in Part 1, we provide a glossary-style rundown of the primary technologies, as well as a sampling of some of the devices that employ them. Next month in Part 2, we'll discuss how to best position and market such offerings to your clients. For now, try to think of the fi eld of high-tech esthetics as an ocean of treatment and profi t possibilities— with these pages as your handy guide through the waves. Making Take a closer look at the high-level technologies revolutionizing today's esthetics offerings. By Katie O'Reilly Part 1 Waves: 64 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2014 © THINKSTOCK/ISTOCKPHOTO

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