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70 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2014 Making Waves Allied Professionals , Beautiful Image , BioPhotas , Dermal Esthetics , Dermatude , ECHO 2 Plus , EuroPro (Bio Jouvance) , FIT Bodywrap , fi Pevonia Equipment , Real Transformation Center (Shelley Hancock) , Rejuvee , Rejuvenair , SAIAN , Skin Act , Skin Care Consultants , Universal Companies , The most commonly used esthetic treatments harnessing magnetic energy employ radio frequency waves. This treatment is typically delivered via an electrode placed onto the skin. The technician uses controlled doses or targeted radio- waves to produce localized heat injury within the dermal and subdermal lay- ers, as well as collagen contraction—all of which leads to tightened skin. The subsequent healing of the microscopic dermal and subdermal lesions causes skin to further tighten, and also reduces depth of wrinkles. Pat Lam, CEO of Skin Care Consultants, likes to combine radio and high frequency currents to target small, exact regions of skin, to better remove small bumps, lesions, sun spots, angiomas, keratosis (dead skin build-up), sebaceous spots (think cholesterol deposits) and more. "I call them 'old-age barnacles', those crusty abnormalities involving vascular problems and hyperpigmentation that people experience as they age," Lam says. The radio waves temper the high fre- quency in Skin Care Consultants' devices, and their electrodes allow technicians to treat precise areas. "It's low-pain for clients, and no sur- rounding tissues are affected," Lam says. She adds that it's crucial for estheticians to use polarized light to determine the exact makeup of any spot being removed, as this information dictates the proper set- ting and wave dosage. "Sometimes you'll think you see pigment, but what you're seeing is actually dark blood. Depending on the spot, you have to use more or less radio and high frequency," she says. Yes, sound waves have their place in the spa—and not just in the form of canned whale cries. Ultrasound devices use waves of more than 20,000 vibrations per second to exfoliate, extract and help drive in product. "When acting on the body, the ultra- sonic wave stimulates the cells, produc- ing an internal massage-type action," says Bio Jouvance's Boghosian. "This induces vibration within cells' nuclei, im- proving cell metabolism and regenera- tion." In this manner, ultrasonic waves soften tissue, increase penetration, promote metabolism, speed up circula- tion, stimulate the nervous system and improve overall cell function. Ultrasonic waves also foster internal heat, notes Boghosian, and that can relax convulsive facial muscles, produce an analgesic effect, boost circula- tion and improve blood vessel function. Small doses of ultrasound, she adds, can promote the synthesis of protein inside the cells and help regenerate wounded tissues. "Meanwhile, larger doses can promote the synthesis of fi broblast cells, meaning that ultrasonic is useful in reducing infl ammation caused by bacte- ria, trauma or procedures such as skin peels," she says. The technology is also used to coun- teract erythema. "When blood circulation in the capillaries are obstructed, red spots ap- pear," explains Boghosian. "The ultra- sound helps to rev up circulation and expand blood vessels, which makes it possible to help injured tissues return to a normal state." Similarly, while infl amed acne often causes the capillaries to break, the ultrasonic wave can dissolve that blood, promoting better circulation and remov- ing colored marks. While spots on the face are more typically treated with freezing, chemical peels or lasers, Boghosian says ultrasonic cosmetic instruments can help destroy ab- normally pigmented cells' membranes— thereby decomposing the overabundance of melanin in the cell. Magnetic Energy Acoustic Energy Ultrasound Unit from EuroPro (Bio Jouvance) Ultrasound, thermal Lamprobe from Skin Care Consultants High frequency and radio frequency Article Sources

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