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72 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2014 Making Waves • Use FreeInfo #34 Spa pros are cranking things up—and down—to great effect these days. Thermal energy warms skin's inner layers, thus promoting blood and lymph circulation. "It's excellent for puffy eyes and dark circles," Bio Jou- vance's Boghosian says. Thermal treatments often harness radio frequency to penetrate subcuta- neous tissue at different depths to help tighten existing collagen, and to stimu- late the body's natural renewal of it. Meanwhile, cold treatment, or cryo- therapy, is helpful when it comes to calming and comforting sensitive skin, locking in skin's natural moisture, and speeding the recovery of the epider- mis. Some pros use liquid nitrogen to freeze, and then remove, skin lesions. Temperature-Based Energy Just as we reach our mid-20s, the skin typically falls victim to apoxia—meaning it becomes oxygen defi cient. As Rona Solomon, founder of Dermal Esthetics, points out, "With- out oxygen, any old cell will die, so it's really the underly- ing cause of most, if not all, of the aging process." Oxygen has long been a crucial element in the wound-healing process. It's known as "nature's anti-infl ammatory," and is also strongly antimicrobial, sooth- ing and cooling. "It's highly responsible for the production of ATP, the fuel that drives every function in our bodies," says Solomon, explaining that oxygen carries molecules and nutrients where they need to be. "Without adequate oxygen circulat- ing through our skin cells, it's very diffi cult for peptides, vitamins, and other skincare agents to work as well as they could." Many skincare pros use oxygen concen- trators to condense ambient oxygen and blow it onto clients' skin. Clients experience an immediate plumping and pinkening effect, as their circulation has been jump-started, but Solomon insists that after-care is crucial for clients to con- tinue getting adequate oxygen to their skin cells and maintaining those results. Katie O'Reilly is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based writer. Oxygen Oxygen Treatment System from ECHO 2 Plus 480 404 7409 the ONLY COMPLEMENTARY cosmeceutical skin care line that is the missing puzzle piece for spas that want to serve clients who have SENSITIVE and HEALTH-CHALLENGED SKIN ® COMPLEMENTARY SKIN CARE

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