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90 DAYSPA | AUGUST 2014 MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP implementing one now? You just do it. Fusion LifeSpa in Deep- haven, Minnesota, had no hand- book when it launched in 2005, reports Michelle Shuster, general manager. In fact, it wasn't until three years after the spa's grand opening that she realized such a guide was needed. Situations had begun to arise among the em- ployees, and Shuster and the spa's owner weren't always of like mind when it came to workplace policy. "We needed to get on the same page and then get every- one else on that page," Shuster explains. The employee hand- book did the job. Ideally, say experts, new spa owners should have a handbook ready to share with the very fi rst employee they hire. Yes, it will be necessary to tweak things along the way, but handbooks are designed to evolve. "I don't think you should ever look at an employee handbook as something that's completely fi nished, because too many things can happen," says Brown. "You might decide to establish new positions, new services, new departments— there are things that you're go- ing to want to change as your business grows." You may also need to update certain sections of the handbook if state or fed- eral laws change. DELIVERING YOUR LINES What does putting together an employee handbook actu- ally entail? There are many resources to help you decide how comprehensive and de- tailed you want your book to be (see "Handbook Help- ers", above), but any such document should include: • Company background • Federal- or state-mandated policies concerning equal opportunity, harassment, disability, medical leave, etc. HANDBOOK HELPERS The following sources can provide the information and tools you need to create an employee handbook for your spa: •, • Microsoft Offi ce, offi • Nolo Law for All, • Small Business Association, • Spa Manuals 4U, © SILVIAJANSEN/GETTY • Use FreeInfo #46

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