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Page 94 of 115 • Use FreeInfo #45 What is one of the fi rst things you do when a new client comes to see you? You have them sign a consent form!! Never ever pass up this important step. I have been fortunate enough to have been in business for 26 years now and never even come close to someone suing me. Having that consent form signed is your fi rst line of defense. Your second one is…listen to your gut! You know that saying "I had a gut feeling?". Somehow our guts know the truth. We tend to not listen to it at times because our heads get in the way! Here's a couple of stories that have come to my attention that if these Estys had listened to their gut, they wouldn't be in the predicament they're in. Story number one: An Esty is being sued by a client that said an LED treatment caused her to get a detached retina. I feel badly that this client is having this medical issue but I hardly believe that an LED treatment caused this. Two things this Esty did not do… she was given a heads up by family members of this client that this gal can be diffi cult. That right there would have gotten my fl ashing warning lights on high! That's important information coming from a family member. Secondly, the Esty did not have her sign a consent form. A big no no!! After speaking with this Esty, she told me she had a gut feeling not to work on this client but pushed it aside. Story number two: A client has a reaction around one eye to a very light dermafi ling and a fl ash glycolic peel. The client ended up going to her physician to have it checked out. The fi rst bit of info I got out of the Esty was that this client had a sensitivity around the eyes years ago with another product. So, we already know that this client's eye area is very sensitive. The Estys plan at fi rst was to only do the dermafi ling but at the last minute she decided to add the peel even though her gut was saying no. I've spent quite a bit of time on the phone calming this Esty down because she is worried now about being sued. Had she listened to her gut…well, you know the rest. Here's a story where nothing came of it but it's a good lesson for all of us. A client came in to see an Esty and this client had not been in for quite some time. They were having fun chatting away and catching up. The Esty did her usual treatment on this client that included the Enhancer machine which is a triple current technology. The client loved her treatment, they hugged and the client left. About an hour later the client calls in a bit of a panic and says "I forgot to tell you that I had a pacemaker put in since the last time I saw you". My fi rst thought is how in the world you forget something so big!! They both had a moment of panic before calling her physician. He said not to worry about this one time but do not do this treatment again. Whew…close call! We don't need to have our clients sign a new consent form each time they come in, but we do need to take a moment to ask if anything has changed since their last appointment. Do our guts know…you betcha they do! Take the time to stop and listen. Go with your Gut U L T R A S O N I C S P A T U L A I M A G E D E R M M I C R O D E R M I N F U S I O N

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