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BUILDING BLOCKS 30 DAYSPA | DECEMBER 2014 The star: Bio Jouvance Bio Matrix Wrinkle Filler collection The spa: Simply Beautiful Day Spa in Lombard, Illinois Why it fl ies off the shelves: "All the estheticians and clients who use the Bio Matrix line love it," says Angela Horejs, owner and esthetician. "When clients come in concerned about their aging skin, we consistently recommend the Bio Matrix Wrinkle Filler Serum and Booster Gel. The products are loaded with sodium hyaluronate, collagen peptides, plus vitamins B5 and C, which give the skin a fi rm, plump and more hydrated look." How it's promoted: "We merchandise the serums as an alternative to receiving hyaluronic acid fi llers, simply because there are a lot of women who would love to have younger- looking skin but are not comfortable with an injectable," explains Horejs. "We offer a Bio Matrix facial treatment, performed using ultrasound technology to ensure optimal absorption. The effects are immediate, and our clients always tell me they're amazed by the outcome. Plus, the skin keeps its fi rmer, younger look for several weeks when the Booster Gel is used as a home regimen following the facial treatment!" ANGE LA H OREJ S Retail Superstar There is no shortage of gel polish collections on the market, but one might argue that the color array of gels isn't quite as vast as that of the regular polish lines. If your clients wish their standard shades had the lasting power of gel, there may be a way to convert those wistful guests into satisfi ed customers. Enter the Infi nite Color Palette from Americanails, a gel polish creator that can be used by nail technicians to turn any polish into a gel lacquer. "We've been exploring the idea of coming to market with a gel product for a long time," says Stephen Woolsey, general manager at Americanails. "A lot of companies offer fi nished gel products, and they have an ever-expanding array of products, so it can be challenging to keep pace with that," he explains. "We wanted something that would allow us to be competitive—to offer a simple solution that's cost-effective and easy to use." To create gels, spa professionals fi ll the lacquer extractor—a syringe included in the Infi nite Color Palette kit—with any color of their choice. They empty the contents into the fi ller tube, then into the partially fi lled gel polish bottle and shake for several minutes. The customized gel polish is mixed and ready for use. The Infi nite Color Palette can be utilized exactly as its name implies: to mix hues, to add sparkle to clients' favorite shades or to create unique color-glitter combinations. For more information, and to view an instructional video, visit With the holiday season in full force, your spa's retail section is a vital resource for time- crunched customers purchasing gifts on the go. Whether it's products or service certifi cates they're buying, dressing up their presents with your spa's logo can wow them—and boost your brand. One business that aims to help spa owners increase their merchandising options, while keeping overheads low, is Action Bag. The retail and promotion packaging company offers thousands of packaging options—ranging from paper bags with satin handles to vinyl travel cases and cotton totes—all of which can be emblazoned with your spa's name and logo. If gift cards are hot holiday sellers in your spa, consider Action Bag's other inventory: custom- printed plastic cards, certifi cates and loyalty tags, along with gift card boxes and cases. The added business bonus? In our waste- conscious society, bags are often reused by clients. So, armed with your spa's logo, they become a walking billboard of sorts! COLOR CREATION In the Bag

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