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I n February, personal care brand Dove launched a Twitter campaign in response to a study it had commissioned, which found that eight out of ten women have read unfl attering comments about other women's appearances on social media. Even worse, the research revealed that four out of fi ve negative tweets about beauty and body image are written by women about themselves! Featuring the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful , the campaign encouraged women to create a more positive digital footprint, and "to realize the role our online words play in impacting our confi dence and self-esteem." The feedback from its own study aside, why did the company feel the need for such a concerted effort to stamp out negative self-talk? Well, we've all seen the statistics about increasingly younger children, especially girls, struggling with low self-esteem, and we know that many kids have extensive access to social media. So it doesn't take a genius to work out that unless we nip negative thought patterns in the bud, generation after generation of women—and men—will continue to be saddled with inferior body images. So how can spa professionals like you come to the rescue? Thankfully, the uniquely intimate nature of your relationship with your clients puts you in a prime position . You're well aware that looking good and feeling good are intricately linked. By providing services and programs that go a long way to boost your clients' body images, you can begin to convert them into individuals who celebrate their own physiques, and parents who encourage their offspring to do the same. Here at DAYSPA, we take our responsibilities seriously too. This Body Beautiful issue is replete with options to help you help your clients achieve their goals. We're not talking about striving for "perfection" (whatever that is), but rather offering customized programs with realistic objectives based on each client's individual lifestyles and desires. So, whether that involves retailing her the latest contouring cream (see products on page 52) or device-driven, cellulite-thwarting package ("Smooth Moves: Part 1", page 26) so she can wear a bikini with confi dence, or signing her up for an energy-boosting detox regimen ("The Deep Clean", page 54), you'll have her back. Because, as we already know, one size does not fi t all. Lesley McCave Managing Editor Body Language EDITOR'S PAGE 16 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 Help your clients learn to love their uniquely beautiful bodies. Lesley McCave "Unless we nip negative thought patterns in the bud, generation after generation of women—and men— will continue to be saddled with inferior body images."

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